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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run That By Me Again???

I honestly was surprised at a 2 lb. gain this morning - 209.5 - if I were you I would  be thinking "she just didn't tell us everything that she ate" because I imagine that's what you are thinking and with good reason. It would seem I would have to eat more than a 200 calorie food bar and then a meal each day in order to gain 2 pounds. I got in the 8 glasses of water on all but 2 days. I haven't gotten to exercise as much because of the extra ATM's on my route for a while but that isn't much of an explanation either. I am going to be stubborn and continue because this is the way I want to eat - waiting for the growl. I am going to continue another week with this same eating plan - one week shouldn't be the only test. Hope all of you had a great week. Let's all do our best, make any necessary adjustments, and have good reports next time.


  1. Might be time to come over to the dark side

  2. I know if you arent eating enough, your body starts to store thinking you are starving and therefore you gain..Just something I learned..Can't wait to see how next week turns out..Have a great week.

  3. I was thinking the same thing Jolyn said.

  4. Hi Myra, you posted a link to your blog for the "Best Gift" challenge, but not a link that goes directly to your update post, and I can't seem to find the update. Would you be willing to try again, this time linking specifically to your update?
    For example, this link goes just to my blog in general: http://thriceblessed-lessofme.blogspot.com/

    But this link goes to my update post: http://thriceblessed-lessofme.blogspot.com/2011/09/best-gift-week-1-post-your-updates-in.html

  5. Well..now that we know you pack a pistol..my suggestion is to go take your scale to a remote place and introduce to your leetle friend.

  6. How is it possible that both Jolyn and EmptyNester came up with the same wrong information at the same time ?

  7. I do know we fluctuate in our weight. So, don't be too down about that gain. Keep track of everything, though. Have a great second week!

  8. You'll get there. Keep working towards the goal!

  9. My feeling is that perhaps your body has gone into starvation mode, that will slow you metabolism and eventually cause your body to stop asking for food all the time. It sounds like you are doing Weigh Down? I've done that before in the past and it didn't work for me... not saying it won't work for you though.
    Just a suggestion though, if its been 4 or more hours since you've eaten, and you are not getting that growl, try taking one bite of something you like, or even smelling some really good-smelling food. It might trigger that growl you are waiting on.
    Its also a fact that some people don't really get a growl, their bodies signal them in other ways, headaches, a feeling of unease, slight shakiness, or even just a general "empty" feeling in the stomach.
    At any rate, it is probably frustrating to not lose after eating so little, hopefully it was just a fluke and will pass.