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Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Bodies, Our Lives

Yesterday went well. My problem is stopping as I have said before. I can wait for the growl most of the time. Starting over with this method is just waiting for the next growl - no Mondays, after the holidays, or after some special event here.

My stomach did not growl until about 11 a.m. and I had a Quest Protein Bar with me so that is what I had as I was out fixing ATM's in Ohio. I am a label reader so noticed the Apple Pie Bar had 170 calories in it. I started growling again about 2:30 or so and considered a Subway salad but then also considered the fact that I was on my way home and in an hour I could have soup beans, corn bread, and fried potatoes - one of my all time favorite meals. I don't care how you fix beans - I like them - same for potatoes. I had also made a green tomato pie so I am thinking I have only had 170 calories and this is my last meal for the day and it's what I really want so I waited until I got home. I was really hungry.  I had my meal and that was all I ate for the rest of the day. It was so not low-carb. A Subway salad would have been a healthier option for sure.

I was thinking today while on my route what the body is doing as I wait for the growl. I suggest that the body yearns to be healthy. It has amazing abilities to heal itself and works to be at its best. We just have to support those efforts. So - when the stomach isn't growling the body is burning off that extra food stored because we didn't support health and ate too much. Those people who are at the optimum weight will growl more often and more intensely because the body doesn't have so much to fall back on. I have heard people rationalize their extra weight as insurance - they will be able to provide the body with extra fuel during an illness unlike those slim people who are really going to be in trouble if they get sick.

I don't want to be trapped in a body that doesn't work right, how about you? This is the only one we get. I am going to take better care of my body so my life will be more like I want it to be.


  1. More power to you for waiting for the grumblies! I find if I wait that long, I can make poor choices in my food and at that point, I have a headache and all sorts of bad things follow. Ironic enough, there are the hunger cravings at the points of day where I grab a snack, I do wait for those! I'm glad it's working for you! Keep it up. :)

  2. I also get headaches if I wait to long to eat. I have to eat within an hour of waking or I'll have a massive headache all day long. It's always been that way. I wish I could wait for the growl.

  3. God forbid I use an ATM and then it breaks on me not giving me money. This happened only once back in 1980ish when BoA changed their ATM name to Versateller I believe. Oh what a fiasco! I tried to get out 40 and it did not come out. I decided to try again. It did not come out. I then looked and saw that it had charged me for both. I got on the phone and they could not help me. In those days it took a long time to get it all taken care of. Another thing that bank did is deposit someones money into our account that had the same last name. OMG and then we couldn't keep it. LOL