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Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Week to Go

Well, it's after noon and my stomach has not growled yet. I am going to wait for that. I really want to get used to going from growl to growl and if I don't eat much at each growl the next one will come around before too long. This is the most difficult time. I am working on staying calm about it and thinking it through. The growl happens when the hydrochloric acid in the stomach has nothing to work on and the stomach does somewhat of a flip.

Princess Dieter's Christmas Dress Challenge started today and the dresses that have been posted on the blogs of some of the participants are gorgeous. My challenge starts next Sunday so I am doing some psychoanalysis on myself as this last week passes. I am doing the one by Thrice Blessed - you see it to the right. Being part of a Challenge provides a focus and also accountability not to mention much needed support. My old self that says to me that I can eat what I want and as much as I want and do as little as possible because it's next Sunday before I have to get serious again must be squashed. I have not given in to that but I sure did think about it.

I am going to go ahead and get started with some of my goals and action points that I will be posting next Sunday along with my weight. I haven't weighed since the end of the last challenge I was in and I am not going to weigh again until next Sunday. My focus during this challenge is going to be on behavior changes rather than calorie counts and carbohydrate counts. I can start taking a drink of something between bites right now. I can also make sure I get in 8 - 10 glasses of water per day. I slack on that pretty easily. My daily quiet time is missed more than it should be. Waiting for the growl and stopping at satisfied and then waiting for the next growl before eating again will be the most difficult behavior changes for me but I really want to get this mastered. If I want it badly enough, I will do it.

A good goal must have a deadline; it must be measureable; it must be realistic; and it must be under our control.

I will have to check but I think my challenge ends December 18 so it has a deadline. I just want to be under 200 pounds by then so it is measureable. It is realistic - no problem getting there in that amount of time. It is under my control - it isn't dependent on what anyone else does - just me.


  1. I'm doing the same challenge as you and I have got to get my goals posted! Good luck!

  2. I will be in that challenge, too! It will be great to see what big losers we are!

  3. It's wonderful you didn't give in to that old urge to "get it in while you can". I had some of those thoughts too before the Challenge started. Good luck adjusting to the growl intervals. You can definitely do it!

  4. Was just searching for my bottle before reading your post. I really believe my water intake makes a big difference.