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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Your Dreams

What is your life's dream?
How do you plan to get there?

Are we dreamers or doers? The first question above asks us about something very important. The dream of a lifetime would be something pretty big if we want to spend our lives in its pursuit. Sometimes dreamers are thought of as people who never get anything accomplished. We hear of pipe dreams, only in your dreams, dreaming something up, a dream come true.

What makes a dream come true? Are we making things come true that we never would have dreamed about? We have made negative things come true that never in our wildest dreams would we have desired. Why would anyone ever want to make obesity a reality? Why do we let it remain? Are we only dreaming of  being at our goal weight or are we on a plan to get there?

Let's live the dream. Let's live "as if" - as if we are at our goal weight. If, in the morning, we woke up and weighed our perfect weight would we eat 6 donuts? Would we ruin it? Would we start a binge? There would be some who would ruin it because it just wouldn't fit their self-image. This is a big thing to work on, I think - self-image. Do we think we deserve to be slim? Do we even think it is possible? When we look at ourselves in a picture, for example, are we surprised at how we look? At how our clothes fit? Many of us take so much care of from the neck up. The hair, the make-up, the jewelry - what if we were that careful about the neck down? I know when I see a picture of me I am always surprised at how big I look, how about you? I have heard of people putting a full body picture of themselves on the refrigerator. There are bloggers I really admire who have the guts to put full body shots on their blogs - I have one picture but some have a progression of pictures to show their loss as they go - I think that's great. They are facing it square and true.

I didn't weigh myself today. I think I will wait until Sunday at the usual weigh in for the challenge. I think I am pushing it because weighing every day can add another battle and I have been wanting to eat tonight and my stomach has not growled. I had a nice meal at about 2 p.m. I will wait until tomorrow at this point. It's after 10 p.m. on Tuesday as I write this.


  1. I am starting to believe...it's been a process for sure!

    Keep focused!

  2. this is every day for me :) in all realms.
    acting AS IF till Im really truly FEELING AS IF.