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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growl to Growl

Why would anyone want to wait for a stomach growl? Julie seems somewhat curious. Faithfulgirl wondered about metabolism.

It is pretty cut and dried if you have growled or not and that is one reason to use this as your cue to eat. The growl is above your waist not below it because that is where the stomach is. This tells us that we are completely empty. It is getting easier but I can tell you when I want to eat I can think up all kinds of reasons to go ahead before the growl. Some people fast and survive it so I am pretty sure there is no danger :-) We want to go by the clock and all those "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" kind of platitudes help us dream up a reason to eat. I haven't been growling until late morning for the first time. I think it would take a little more than waiting to the growl to slow down metabolism. I can tell you it is great to know when I growl I can have exactly what I want to eat - that is also one thing that makes it easier to wait. I have also found that I don't want to waste my growl on food that isn't really great. You can get used copies of Gwen Shamblin's books to read up on her philosophy of eating between the boundaries of hunger and fullness if you are interested. There are on-line classes - just google Weigh Down Workshop.

Another thing you'll have to be willing to do is to give up a routine or a schedule regarding eating because you don't know when you will growl.  I am not a schedule/routine person so that is not a problem. You can lean to "schedule" your growl by how much you eat. Eating less earlier in the day will cause a growl to come at the time for the family reunion for example. You can pass up a growl knowing it will come back around and since you already growled you know you are ready for some food! The more weight we have to lose the less often we will probably growl because the body will want to burn up all those extra meals stored on the hips and gut.

Some people would have trouble with this because of the freedom. The comfort of structure is a help to some people. Some people don't want to have to make decisions concerning food. Some of us need the focus that a food plan provides. We are all in different places. I do think it is important to choose something and stick with it instead of what I read on some blogs "see if this will work", "that didn't work, I am going to try X and see if it works". We all recognize that game. Some might get headaches doing this and some have blood sugar problems or other things to deal with so all of this must be taken into consideration. I read of many who are having success with Weight Watchers and counting calories. I still watch carbs even though I am doing this. I am on a Subway salad kick. I am not playing games with this. Even when I growl I don't do things like eat a whole pizza or go for pie and ice cream although if pizza is what you want that is what you should have - just remember - you have growled and your stomach is the size of your fist so keep that in mind and stay calm about it. When you are done you must wait for the next growl.

I would be interested to know if you waited for a growl, what emotions you experienced, and what you think of this way of being in control. Staying busy helps a lot. Don't sit around wondering when it will happen and be all cued up to race to the food. It will be there. If you growl and can't get to food right away think about the emotions you are experiencing. I have come to the conclusion that the amount of food in the house is one of the things that makes me think I should be eating. What if it spoils? What if someone else gets to it before I growl and can have some of it? I keep this grocery list going so we run out of nothing. I read of a woman who got tired of that and decided she would only make meals from what was in the cupboards. She only went to the grocery for things that must be bought fresh. It was two or three months before she had to shop for non-perishables. I find comfort in having lots of food around. What's up with that? How about you?


  1. Thanks for sharing all of that. It makes sense. I just hate my stomach to growl. And it's always growling in the morning when I wake up. LOL Keep up the good work :)

  2. I never really thought about the growl before. I usually wait until I feel bangs in my stomach, maybe hat is the growl. But, mostly, I find that I eat pretty much at regular intervals. That really works for me, especially with the cycling I do.