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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Food Rules


Some of Jack's tips are pretty cute. I especially liked "One way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet is to eat more fruits and vegetables".  I was thinking about posting about food rules and this seems to be a good intro.

Here are some of the food rules that I think we tend to let get in the way. Some are useful; some are not very helpful.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I know people who never eat breakfast and have lived a long and healthy life. Who thought this one up? Are we saying that if we don't eat for 12 hours or so something bad will happen?

Eat three meals a day.

No dessert until after the meal. What about instead of a meal?

Eat more to lose weight because of metabolism. I just read a comment on someone's blog that 1300 calories probably wasn't enough calories for weight loss and this person recommended eating more. ??????

Eat less to lose weight because of metabolism. We have all heard about the starvation response. We have used to explain a plateau or help someone deal with not losing weight like that person expected. Weight loss speeds up and slows down. It just does. We must deal with it. We don't need to go all scientific about it. If we consistently eat fewer calories than we burn we will lose weight. We get paralysis from analysis.

Rapid weight loss is unhealthy. This is one sure way to get the muscle loss lecture. It is true I think that too rapid too long at the expense of nutrition will have negative consequences.

We must eat balanced meals. This is probably a good idea at least once a day but who hasn't had pizza for breakfast? Pizza really is pretty nutritious occasionally. The salt and fat content make it a food to be careful with. Isn't it true that our bodies can manufacture nutrients that we need? We celebrate with food. We grieve with food (ever had food delivered after a death in the family?) If we are going on a trip what's one of the first things arranged for? Eating. Coolers are packed. We decide where we will stop and eat. Get a group of women together for an outing and where to eat lunch is the biggest decision of the day. If going on a 3 or 4 hour trip we pack snacks just in case - what if we got hungry on the interstate between exits?

Parents are great at food rules:  clean up your plate, there are starving kids somewhere so eat up, and better eat now it's a long time until supper are a few of the old standards. Parents also reward with food, use food as a babysitter, use food as a bribe, use food as a punishment (were you ever sent to bed without your supper?) - is it any wonder so many kids are messed up and grow up into messed up adults? If we are sick, they want us to eat.  They want us to eat when it's "time" to eat. They want us to eat it before it gets cold. They want us to eat it so it won't be wasted. Isn't it wasted if we eat food we don't want and it gets stored as fat? I have known of parents who cater to picky kids. The lady I used to teach with said she remembered her mother giving her brother money to go eat fast food because he wouldn't eat what she fixed for supper. That might ever happen at this house.

Have any of you ever heard stories from the depression years? The neighbor who babysat the boys said one year they got out the beans that intended to plant and the bugs had eaten holes in them. She said times were hard so that even though they couldn't be planted they were cooked and eaten. Imagine that today.

Heck, our pets are even fat because they are fed from the table.

Do you have any food rules to share from your childhood or any food rules currently in use?


  1. My rules for the lovelies when they were growing up was to eat until they were full. They never had to clean their plates. Now that they are all grown up they are all eating very healthy still. I have changed the daily diet for Hubs and myself now- we have gone vegetarian. So far, we like it quite a lot!

  2. "We get paralysis from analysis." I like that! I do think we overthink this sometimes. As I've heard you say before, it's not rocket science. Eat less than you expend. Now, if it were just as easy as it sounds...