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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Question Mark?

I weighed 203.5 this morning - a 4 lb. difference from yesterday. My scales are pretty accurate. I weighed twice because I couldn't believe my eyes. Maybe the 4 lb. loss is the real loss I should have seen when the 2 lb. gain occurred? Could there have been that much water retention from that stupid pretzel and candied pecans? I guess so. I will wait until tomorrow morning before I rejoice too much. My scales only go in half-pound increments so small losses or gains don't register like with the scales that register in tenths. I always notice the thoughts that jump into my head when something like this happens - "I have room to eat some extra stuff today"  NOT.

I spent yesterday evening at the emergency room with my husband. He fell down a couple of basement steps and wrenched/jammed his back. He has had two shots in his back for pain and now this. The x-rays showed a compression fracture. He needs an MRI, then a procedure known as kyphoplasty? They pump glue into the vertebrae to fill in the depression where the fracture is. He was writhing with pain and in tears. He was given morphine and a muscle relaxer and given percoset (sp?) for pain. We don't have insurance. He is a veteran so we are checking into the VA Hospital in Dayton to see if he can be treated there. I had planned to try a new recipe last night but ended up grabbing another food bar on the way to the emergency room. Yesterday's food was my usual morning food bar, a small bag of peanuts because I wanted to be growling for supper, and then the food bar for supper in the emergency room.

Are any of you getting the malware/virus warnings when trying to visit sites? I have at Plump Nonfiction and Something Brilliant is Brewing - two sites I have always visited regularly. Do we let those people know or are they notified? I am glad to be notified but miss reading those two blogs. Hopefully this clears up soon. There was another blog earlier where this happened but I can't remember which one.

Take care and make today a success.


  1. Wow, so sorry for your hubby's accident. Back pain is horrible! My mom has a few compression fractures (she has scolosis) but they don't do anything. I wonder why? Not that I want her to go through back surgery...(or any surgery)...
    You know, about the weight, I can easily be up 2-3 lbs. without knowing why (honestly). I don't know whether it's everyone or what, but it happens to me. Don't stress it, and keep an eye on the big picture and not the little daily WIs. See the trends (i.e. my worst WI is Mondays, I think b/c I don't get all my water on Sundays).
    Oh and I find having meal replacement bars handy in my purse (I keep almonds also) are great - I've always got something healthy to eat, especially when I am hungry and at a place where usually only junk food is available (and where I'd be tempted to feed my emotions) like a hospital! ((( hugs )))

  2. Congrats on the loss! Sorry to hear about your husband. Back injuries are no joke so I hope they can fix him up so that he's not dealing with pain for too much longer.

  3. Gosh that sounds like a painful tumble. So, sorry to hear about him. I am also so sorry to read that you do not have medical insurance. That is hard. I hope you get some answers at the VA. You both have a lot on your minds.

    Finicky is what I call the scale. That is why I weigh in less frequently now. We go up and down so much. For me that is just not worth it.

  4. I get the malware warning on a couple of blogs as well. If you have the email address of the ones affected, you may want to let them know. I had the malware showing up on my site for a bit as well, and posted a way of fixing it. I don't know if I can link in comments, but you can send anyone to my site for the blog post that tells how to fix it.

    They won't be notified by Google.. I never was.. so let them know if you can.

    So sorry about your husband's accident.

  5. At the risk of sounding gross, sometimes a couple of pounds can be the result of needing to have a good bowel movement. Honest! :-)

  6. Ok... I didn't know I had malware on my site... I will be fixing this asap. So strange that it happened... no wonder my followers are dropping like flies.

  7. So sorry about your husband! That sounds so scary and painful. Hope the VA hospital takes great care of him!

    That scale is a bit of a mystery, but this direction makes a lot more sense than Sunday's. Great job saying no to the "wiggle room". :)