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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Obesity Drug?


Cardiovascular problems were cited several times in this article. Desperate people will try this and it sounds like some will die. Those who are are obese probably already have compromised cardiovascular systems. Thinking of myself a few years ago, I would have tried it. I know I would have. It would not have mattered that I was taking such a risk if there was the hope of losing my weight without having to work at it myself. People have made millions off of obese people who are desperate to lose weight without effort. Remember the Phen-Phen thing? I think there were heart problems associated with that as well.

Anyway - I am back to 207.5 this morning. When something like this happens I think and think and think about what could have been the reason. I can only think of one thing - I was on call Saturday and had to go to an ATM that my company had rented out to Oktoberfest. I had had my morning food bar and it was late afternoon as I waited on one of our guys with a new bill dispensing unit for the one that kept getting bill jams. There were food tents everywhere and I couldn't go far so I had one of those soft baked pretzels with the salt on top and I put mustard on that. I then had one of those small cones of pecans that had sweet goop on them. Believe me it was a small cone. So - 200 calories for the food bar, I will give the pretzel 300 calories, the pecans I will give 500 calories - that's 1,000 calories. I growled at night and had an Atkins food bar which was about 200 calories I imagine. I was OK on calories but not on sodium is the only reason I can think of since the 2 lb. is gone. This brings me back to staying the same going from growl to growl so I still need to tweak a bit. I do feel better about the whole thing now. As I have said, my problem is stopping. I have been very successful waiting for the growl. I don't eat until I am stuffed and uncomfortable but I evidently need to stop sooner so that's Job 1 this week. Yesterday I did not growl until after Church so I made myself a large salad for lunch. I had a baby shower to go to and there was all the usual snack and sweet stuff there. I had coffee. I did not growl for the rest of the day so I went to bed only having had that large salad at lunch for the day. Didn't even have the food bar.

I have decided to weigh myself every day until I get the feel of this. I have to admit I hate journaling, planning, writing, following the rules - it becomes another job for me. I know the basics of good nutrition. I want the freedom of waiting for the growl and then eating. If I fall on my face with this I can always go back to something more structured but I am going to stick with this until I prove to myself one way or the other if this is something I can live with and be successful doing.

Have a great day.


  1. You'll get this to work for you, I know you will. Weighing every day will show you how much your body fluxes through out the week. Except for me weighing every day didn't work out, I just picked a day...for me Friday... and take what the days says. Yep it's up and down but as long as down is the majority I'm fine.
    Good luck this week, I have faith in you. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. It is so tempting to try things that will make this journey go faster...I want to, but my good sense kicks in and I just keep pluggin' along. It's so worth the effort!

    Keep focused!

  3. Good luck with finding a system that works. If you weigh daily, you might want to try this: add another column to your weights sheet and have no daily gain more than 0.2lb and no daily loss bigger than 0.4lb. I use this method and it smooths out any fluctuations.

  4. That article is a great reminder that being too hasty on this journey often isn't such a good idea. Those 2 lbs from yesterday were definitely not "real", but it's a process. You have been so consistent that I really hope this works for you! Hope you had a great day too. :)