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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have always found it peculiar that when I am nearly at some goal of mine that my first thought seems to be about messing it up. Tomorrow morning will be the first weigh-in after the beginning of the challenge and it will be an entire week of waiting for my stomach to growl before eating. I think subconsciously I want to have a good reason (one that is under my control) for not getting good news in the morning. I don't want to possibly face bad news when I think I deserve good news.

If I don't get good news in the morning I will be working on waiting for the growl AND more attention to portion control. I feel like if I have waited for the growl I am truly empty and have even burned some stored fat while waiting. I have had a food bar at my first growl of the day and a full meal at the second growl each day. That has been how each day has gone.

Don't I DESERVE to lose some weight? That's where we get ourselves into trouble I think. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we feel like we have done more right stuff than wrong stuff so the balance should be in our favor. We get into the business of what's "fair", what we "deserve", our "rights". Doesn't work that way does it?

Do you do this as well?


  1. I think that's where you have to think about other goals other than weight loss, i.e. will you really have "failed" tomorrow if your WI isn't good - even though you've had a successful week in the sense of (1) eating healthily and (2) eating only when actually hungry? No. You will be successful not only because of the scale - because the scale only REFLECTS your work, and your work has been successful this past week! Maybe the scale will take a week or more to show your work - but your work has been done already! :) Pat yourself on the back for the non-scale victories too! They're important!

  2. I can't hold on for the scale to tell me how I'm doing. I have to look at every thing....How does my body feel, are my clothes getting loose, did I get my calories under control...did I exercise and I getting stronger? For me, if I do all I'm supposed to do..the results come in. Some times it takes a while. I just have to keep pushing through!

    Keep focused!

  3. Our body is so much more consistent than our mind, isn't it? Our bodies are simple, in general- eat less, exercise more, lose weight (serious medical conditions aside). It WILL happen. It's our expectations that can cause problems. Is it too slow?, etc.

    You are definitely not alone in not wanting to be disappointed and sort of subconsciously thinking, Well if I will be anyway than [self-sabotage here]. It's kind of like, "You can't fire me, I quit!" I think, haha.

    I hope you are happy with your weigh-in tomorrow, but if it's not "fair", if you "deserve" more, then please remember that you have still instigated a loss. You are moving in the right direction, you are taking control, you are going through a process of listening carefully to your body.

    No matter what the scale says, you are putting the balance in your favor, and that is a beautiful and incredibly important thing.

  4. My blog friend Betty is reading a fantastic book that I ordered and have been reading too- it's entitled: The One Day Way. Excellent read.