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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Worry Wart

Charles Spurgeon said it best. "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength."

It's hard not to worry about things isn't it? We worry about things we cannot change. My mother-in-law used to be able to dream up more things to worry about than anyone I ever saw. I have read that highly intelligent children tend to be worriers because they understand situations, outcomes, etc., better than others. At about what age does worry begin?

We can change our weight and yet we worry about that too. It can be a sure thing that we lose weight this week; it is almost totally under our control so why should we worry? Is it a lack of faith in ourselves? Is it because past failures cloud our perception of our abilities? It's hard to explain.

Anyway - I wanted to share with you a way to make your own vanilla extract -- how's that for changing directions? Vanilla extract is very expensive. Read the label - it is mostly alcohol. Buy a fifth of vodka and two vanilla beans (spice section). Split the vanilla beans along the pods in a few places. Place the beans in the vodka and put in a dark place for about a month and you will have a fifth of extract to use, give as gifts, drink :-), whatever. When my bottle gets about half gone I add another bean and top it off with vodka. It just keeps getting better. Enjoy.

Oh - and don't worry, be happy.


  1. man I worry about everything it is not even funny, I have tried to stop and I think I will work on it forever! I refuse to watch anything about 2012 because I will freak out, I'm super glad I was too young to care about y2k.

  2. My worry gene kicked in when the first of the lovelies was born and has gone into full speed ahead ever since- over EVERYTHING!

    Can't wait to try that vanilla extract!

  3. I am not a worrier. I have finally learned that God loves me and is taking care of me. He's put me in place I can't extract myself from and I've had to just sit still and wait for him. He's always protected me.

    Speaking of waiting for God to extract me...that vanilla extract may help a bit with worry, too, eh? Maybe you weren't switching directions after all. We could all have a little nip and chill.