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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's It Worth?


I have heard on the radio a couple of times what women would trade for weight loss. Of course, the validity of such surveys is questionable because it won't happen - unless we think about it. WE ARE TRADING LIFE FOR WEIGHT ALREADY. Of course these studies refer to weight loss and years of life. We are trading years of life for being overweight.

We will gain years of life for weight loss and we can do it without trading anything but moving more and eating less for our overeating and sedentary habits. How many obese 80 year old's do you know? It's not as easy as it sounds but it can be done. This mindset speaks once again to how desperate some of us are to lose weight without any effort on our part. Some will trade years of their life, promotions at work, and many other desirable things according to this article. Since it is not possible to trade a year or two of life for lost weight, we are back to square one - move more, eat less.

We always seem to be able to find an exception to the rule and use that as proof that whatever the point being made is cannot be relied upon. Take wearing seat belts, for instance. We will find one case where the person would have died had that person been strapped in and use that to refute the overwhelming evidence that the chances for survival are greater if one is not thrown from the car. We will find a person who smoked into his/her 90's and use that to refute the evidence of smoking shortening the life of the smoker. There probably is an obese 80 year old person somewhere.

Al - are you still awake?

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