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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on Exercising

I have stepped up the exercising a bit and have noticed something - I'M HUNGRY!

Since I have been working in Cincinnati, I have been missing my workouts - the step aerobics and Jazzercise. I decided to do something on my own to make up for that. I walked for an hour one night carrying a 5 lb. weight in each hand and while I walked I did some upper body weight lifting. Carrying the extra 10 lb. probably made quite a difference in the calories burned. On the next night I did one of "The Firm" videos - they combine weights and aerobics. I recommend those videos - I like them because you don't need a big area for the workout. You need a step and some weights and a mat.

If you read that post on my sidebar - Why Conventional Diets Don't Work - The author asks what you would tell a person to do if that person wanted to get really hungry - you would tell them to eat less and move more. Hmmmm - where have we heard that one before? He maintains that keeping insulin levels low will cause weight loss.

Since there are significant benefits to exercise, I will continue. Since I want to lose weight, I will continue to eat less. The level of hunger that is experienced during weight loss is not fatal. We do have to manage it however. I was wondering why the overweight can stand the uncomfortable feeling of too full, stuffed, get horizontal, loosen the clothes feeling but go into a panic at the experience of hunger? Reverse this for those on the other end of the spectrum - those with anorexia. How distorted is our perception of those two extremes. What do you think is the explanation?

I was reading "All is Forgiven, MOVE ON", by Janice Taylor and she has a chapter on the Hula Hoop for exercise. Remember those? The chapter is called "Hula Hoop Your Weigh Thin".

- In 1958, Hula Hoops cost $1.98 and one hundred million were sold worldwide.

- At the peak of their popularity, Wham-O manufactured twenty thousand Hula Hoops a day.

-The plastic tube used for all the Hula Hoops ever made would stretch around the earth more than 5 times.

Want to give yourself a great cardiovascular workout, increase your strength and flexibility, feel more agile, and have fun all at the same time?

Researchers have found that doing the Hula Hoop for a mere ten minutes is more effective than a fifteen-minute jog. Hula Hoop gets the energy flowing and the endorphins pumping, thereby improving your mental health.

Using a Hula Hoop helps to:

Build abs while blasting fat from your belly;

Sculpt your thighs and arms--not to mention the awesome butt you're sure to have;

Stimulate your libido;

Relieve stress; and

Release endorphins, leaving you feeling happy and energized.

It is important to have the right size Hula Hoop. A general rule of thumb is that when you place the hoop standing up on the floor, it should reach somewhere between your stomach and nipple. The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop should be. Large hoops rotate more slowly and make getting started easier. Smaller hoops are more challenging but are great for tricks!

If you were to Hula Hoop for an entire hour, you'd burn off close to 800 calories! (As if! Ten minutes--a more doable goal--will burn off 133 calories).

So, boys and girls, start out slow. Be sure to Hula Hoop in a clear space, warm up with a pleasant five-minute walk and do a bit of slow stretching.

What about 3, 10-minute sessions per day? Work up to this of course. Anybody know where to buy these things? I guess either the toy section or the exercise equipment section. Something to think about!

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