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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sundays, Grandparents, Shopping

Do you like to reminisce? I guess we have to be a certain age or so before there's much to reminisce about. I remember going to Church on Sundays with Mom (Dad never went). Why is that up to Mothers in so many cases? I still think the men should be the spiritual leaders in the home and have their families in Church. They should be the head of their homes period in my opinion but look at America and where our families are headed. The family and family values have certainly taken a beating. A lot of it is our own fault.

Are you old enough to remember all the stores being closed on Sunday? I've always wondered if Christians should be eating out and shopping on Sunday which causes others to have to work. The only two stores I know of that are closed on Sundays are Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A.

We usually went to one of the Grandparent's homes for a Sunday meal and being with family. I remember dirt roads, the outhouse at Grandma's, and black and white TV's. Grandma also had one of those phones with a party line and everyone heard everyone else's ring - Grandma's was two shorts and a long. There was a mouthpiece sticking out to talk into and an earpiece on a cord to hold up to the ear. People listened in to each other's conversations. If another family on the party line was on the phone, you had to wait until they were done so you could use it. I remember being on a party line and having to butt in on someone else's conversation and ask if I could use the phone. Those were the good old days. Some might argue with that.

Remember the wringer washing machines? Grandma washed dishes in a dishpan and then poured the water down the middle of her shrubbery - it killed the pests - she had healthy shrubs. She used to bury the fish skins and guts around her roses - she had a climbing rose that covered the side of her house. We loved to watch her kill a chicken for Sunday dinner - she chopped off their heads and they flopped around for a while. It was great. We were on her heals out to the barn to get a chicken. She would then dip them in boiling water so as to be able to get the feathers off more easily. I remember taking water to Grandpa in the field and watching him stand on the drag and drive the mules to smooth out the earth.

Thanks for joining me on my walk down memory lane. Have a peaceful, restful Sunday.


  1. I do remember the stores being closed on Sundays and having a big family meal at home or at the grandparents house on Sundays after church. And I remember not being able to wait for church to be over so we could go home and eat that family meal! LOL

  2. I remember most of that...except the part with grampa and the mules - guess that was a bit before my time. I'll never forget watching gramma kill chickens for dinner. I remember our party line, but not gramma's. I used to get in trouble for listening in on other people. Dora Rader threatened to come over and kick my tail on more than one occasion for that...