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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Poor Me Syndrome can be difficult. We can easily feel sorry for ourselves and cry "It's not fair!" and "Why me?" If you read Bill Gates' speech to the graduates, his first point was "Life isn't fair, get over it". Why not me? Everyone has challenges. We would like to think ours are somehow special therefore making it understandable why we overeat. I have read the blogs of some people who really do have difficult lives and I feel bad for them. I know of people in my family who have had really hard lives. I am very thankful that I have enough. "We never have all that we want but we always have more than we need". Relationships usually cause us the most heartache rather than financial situations although those two can be intertwined very tightly. Sometimes the punishment is through the children (that's from Scripture).

Our low feelings will always pass. Our high feelings will pass as well. The tide comes in; the tide goes out.

It is not unusual for people to say something and then consider it done. They forget to actually do it. Don't say, "I will plan and write down everything I eat; I will exercise 5 times this week; I will drink 8 - 10 glasses of water each day". We have to actually do these things for them to work. We do life in our heads sometimes don't we?

I live today as I want to remember my life. Don't expect anything - just live a life of love - "what goes around comes around" works for love as well. Love those who don't return it. In time your love will have an effect on them - you will plant a seed that just might grow into something beautiful. I am not telling you to be a door mat. I am telling you to be true to yourself and your values - the language we use, the jokes we tell, gossiping, what we watch and listen to - we all need to take a look at these areas of our lives and decide if there is room for improvement.

(Most of this is from my underlinings in The Pocket Sponsor, 24/7 Back to the Basics)

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