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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Part of the Problem

Have you ever sat around and tried to wait for it to be "time" to eat? Have you ever sat around and tried to fight hunger because all the planned food had been consumed? Have you ever sat around watching the clock because you really didn't want to start something right now? Have you ever just sat around? I am bad about that. Many people lament that they just don't have enough time or there's not enough hours in the day or other regrets concerning time.

We all have the same 24 hours don't we? Why are some people so productive and how do they do it? Answer:  They don't sit around much. They also don't take on more than they can realistically keep up with. I don't know when to quit with the activities, the commitments, etc. I know if I am really busy my stomach will growl and I wasn't expecting it whereas if I am sitting around I start getting an empty feeling, that hollow feeling right before the growl and I start planning to eat and get frustrated because I am ready to eat but my stomach hasn't growled yet. Is that a run on sentence or what?

If left on my own, I have very lazy tendencies. That's why I commit myself so much. It keeps me moving and going. I could never sell real estate - those people set their own schedule. I need a time frame. Someone else has to be expecting me to show up. Others have to depend on me to get things done. I have to see a reason for doing something. I also need a sense of urgency to some degree.

How about you? Are you a self-starter or do you find it easy to sit around? How does this contribute to or hinder your weight loss efforts?

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  1. I get bursts of energy and other times I'm a bump on a log.... I love making to-do lists, I need them to function for the most part! I need to commit myself to more on the weekends because I find myself doing a whole bunch of sitting.