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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Challenge

Swing on over to Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge if you need some motivation and companionship as you get ready for the holidays. 

I just made a swamp slushie for breakfast and WOW is it good! Here is the recipe:

2 c. spinach leaves - how in the world do you measure this? I just filled the blender loosely to the top with them. I put the other ingredients on top to weight them down a bit.
1 c. vanilla flavored coconut milk
1 small can pineapple chunks in it's own juice (that small, flat can) or 1 cup of chunks and juice
I added two packs of stevia for my sweet tooth

Blend until smooth. I think next time I will add some protein powder. Didn't think of it in time today. What a great, tasty way to get in some vegetables first thing in the morning.

I almost forgot I wanted to try this today and was thinking about food during our Quilt Show at which I am working from 10 - 5. I have a protein bar in my bag and that is what I usually have for breakfast and was dreading having two protein bar meals today when I thought of this. I will take some water to drink and an apple as well as the protein bar. I also have some almonds. I'm good to go.

I do tend to fall into a rut with my food. I am bad about waiting until I am really, really hungry and then grabbing something quick. The protein bar is such a convenient breakfast so now this swamp slushie will be a nice change. Drinking a meal is generally not too satisfying to me. Chewing provides part of the satisfaction of a meal. I used to put grape nuts in my yogurt just to get some crunch going. Now yogurt is a dessert and I have already chewed during the meal so it's all good.

I was thinking of doing a challenge that just concentrated on behavior changes and not about weight at all. Didn't I read that it takes 30 days to create a new habit? Or was it 6 weeks? I am still thinking or if someone else wants to do that I'll join up! I thought of just 1 or 2 behavior changes each 6 weeks - my first two would be small bites and eating slowly. I also need to work on waiting for the growl, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, exercising consistently, sitting at the table to eat, not eating after 6 p.m., and others. We could all make a list of behaviors to choose from. They could be weight related, spiritually related, fitness related, life organizational skills related. Many of you are better at this than I am so think about it and let me know if you are interested in such a challenge.

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  1. Hey, it looks like a lot of us are looking for a new challenge. I am starting one too. Now that Slimmer this Summer is drawing to a close, I am inviting fellow challengers to join a new challenge. Come and check it out! http://thriceblessed-lessofme.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-challenge.html