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Friday, August 26, 2011

Light Bulb Moment

I was just thinking earlier this morning of how easy it is to switch to healthy food and then continue to overeat. We feel great about buying sugar free this and fat free that so what's the harm in having extra of those things? It's kind of like going to clearance sales and having the mentality that the more we buy the more we save.

But who binges on apples?

I did read an author who wrote that when about to binge - go ahead but have carrots, apples, etc. It's the urge to eat that is being addressed with the binge not a food deficiency of any kind. I did some thinking about that. We are pretty indiscriminate about the food we binge on; I have eaten foods I didn't particularly like during a binge. So - open a can of beets for your next binge (or two). That would stop a binge for me.

I do think we associate an emotion with the foods we choose to binge on. Does ice cream bring back family memories? Does pizza make us think about friendship? Or are we just trying to get numb as quickly as possible? Are we just avoiding an emotion rather than experiencing it?

Food for thought (oops - poor choice of words). A thinking binge, a reading binge, a writing binge,  a friendship binge, a gardening binge - let's binge on being alive and creating health.


  1. Amen. ;) Since getting plenty of protein in, I havne't had the urge to binge, so that's good. I will remember in the future, if I feel that urge to reach for something healthy (protein/complex carb mix) and check my emotions. Not always easy, but by keeping mindful it is doable. Have a great Friday!!

  2. Like the last part, binge on being alive! :)

    My kiddos would binge on apples all day long if only I'd go get another bushel. Bought 10lbs of bananas last night, 39 cent sale. I betchya there is only a few left. I snagged one before they were all gone. Sometimes it's like putting out food for piranhas. Well at least that's what I think of when it disappears so fast...haha. Totally unrelated to your post, but speaking of how fast things disappear around here. Would it be a bad thing if we, parents, got our own little fridge and padlocked it? I swear!!!

  3. It's easy for me to binge. It doesn't take much and I'm all over it. LOL I've really been trying to work on that one though. If I do feel like I want to start binging though, I just eat some fruit. Sometimes I go back in the kitchen to look for something else and it's like I just pick my feet up off the floor and turn myself around and go right back out. It's hard but when it's time for me to go to sleep and I think about myself stopping my binge, I feel so strong and happy.

    It's hard to control but I think we can really do it! :)