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Sunday, July 31, 2011

She's Baaaaack!


I think this is an important speech for everyone to listen to and share.

Anyway - I thought I was going to have to work for two weeks out of Cincinnati but it turns out I don't have to go back next week - YAY!

It was interesting on the first day the young man who trained me went in while I was filling up the gas tank of the smart car we were driving (you know, the hot wheels car) to get some breakfast. He came out with a sweet roll and a mountain dew. Later he went in to a convenience store and came out with an orange soda - said he needed to keep hydrated. It's always hard to know whether to go into lecture mode when he would be a captive audience. He's pretty young and I know nutrition information is everywhere. Why do we ignore all the information available to us and consume things that we have to know are not good for us? We all have done it and still do it and most of us are old enough to know better. We usually wait until after tragedy strikes and then we eat right.

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