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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pick Our Battles

Are there battles that you always lose? There are battles I always lose but I will still pick a fight thinking I will win this time.

I love a sweet, red wine called Oliver Soft Red. I will get a bottle and start out pretty good. I will just have a small glass right before bed. If I do that too early, then after a couple of days, I will have two small glasses. After a time I use a bigger glass. Then I will drink the whole bottle (about 2 1/2 glasses) which then makes me want to eat (which I do). I am not picking that fight anymore. I have always been thankful my problem was with eating and not with drinking because I could be an alcoholic with my personality. I know this.

Then there is the baking. I am a pretty decent cook. I have a killer pie crust recipe. If I bake something, it's not long until I am in it. At first I have a small piece and am so proud of myself. Then I find myself in the kitchen straightening up the edges (I have been told there are no calories in that part), then I am eating right out of the pan, and then I make myself sick. I always lose that battle as well. I don't bake unless I am taking it somewhere. My husband likes sweets so I buy things for him - day old doughnuts at the grocery, chocolates of various kinds - I can stay out of those things but if I bake it I'll be into it. I know this.

I am going to pick my battles now. Why pick a fight I know I will lose? What battles do you always lose?


  1. Mayo concoctions homemade deli style and cheese and liver pate.

  2. Well, before my surgery it was cookies. There was no way I could just eat one or two Oreos. If I started, it turned into a glass of milk and about eight of them. Thank goodness now more than 1-2 makes me sick, or I'd be in trouble again.

  3. For me, its the same as you...my own baking. I even used to make our own bread! I quit baking for a very long time, almost two years. I have started baking again now, but I have to be very, very vigilant about staying away from the goodies!

    Other triggers are potato chips and ice cream. I simply do NOT eat them, nor do I buy them for the rest of the family.