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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Miracle When You Get Up

"You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle." - Paulo Coehlo

Ho-Hum. Same thing, just a different day. The daily grind. The rat race. We have become so familiar with our day-to-day that we don't recognize the miracle. Heaven forbid, but what if we lost our family and all of a sudden were alone? Would we pine for the good old days? Would we reminisce about how good things were? What if we lost our job? Would we want to go back to the days when we didn't have to scrape and do without? What if a fire or an earthquake or a tornado took our home? Would we realize how good we had it then?

BUT - how often do we complain how our family gets on our nerves? How easy are we to get along with? Does your employer provide a way for you to earn a living so that you can pay your bills? Are there benefits? Do we drag our feet at work? Do the minimum? Do we ever show up late? Leave early? Take too long at lunch and breaks? Do we then complain that we are underpaid? Is our boss paying us for 8 hours of work and maybe getting 7 hours (or less?) Do we look around at the homes and properties of other people and wish we had that much? Do you know someone with a chronic condition? Have you ever been thankful for what you DON'T have? Things like cancer, a handicap, an abusive family or a family where there is screaming, yelling, cussing regularly? Some of you may be living this now. I hope not but life happens. These dysfunctional things are at the root of some of our eating behavior. Sometimes we have to look for the miracles. Sometimes really hard.

Have you ever had one of those close calls where you nearly lost your life and the only explanation for not losing your live was a miracle? Do we pass off these miracles as a coincidence, luck, etc.? How two people can make another little person who can see, laugh, hear - what a miracle. I remember once while driving I noticed too late that the traffic in front of me had stopped and I was going to rear end someone - hard. I could hit them or swerve left across two lanes of oncoming traffic. I chose to swerve left on a busy road and it was like time stopped - the cars were approaching from the other way but I  swerved across those two lanes and there was a driveway exactly where I needed it to be. Coincidence? Luck? I say miracle.

Each day is a miracle. The earth turned around one whole rotation. Each birthday you have made another trip around the sun. Let's work on being thankful. Don't miss the miracle. 

What's your miracle?

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