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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fat Kids/Foster Care?


Is this the approach we want to take? Another example of the nanny state mentality. We can't save them all and will come out of these situations more quickly if the natural progression of things is allowed to take place. For some reason people have to hit bottom before coming to their senses. We delay/prevent that when others intervene in what should be either our handling the situation or the consequences of it.  It's the same with our eating/weight management don't you think? I read someone's blog where she said a full blown binge snaps her back to her senses. We fight, delay, procrastinate, do anything we can think of sometimes and it happens anyway.

Free markets work. This will provide the incentive to be self-reliant and self-controlled. As I blogged a few days ago, insurance rates will soon be partially based on BMI - I think that is fair. People who smoke and are too heavy are a greater insurance risk. Will that encourage us to make wiser choices if it affects insurance rates? Instead of the government taking over our lives, shouldn't WE take them over?

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  1. IDK I was an Air Force wife for so long that the government treated me and I had no stress there. The golden path in the golden years seems to be your gold into your doctors.

    It is a fine line of caring or being overly invasive when people judge your children and your rearing of them. And even when I love to blame my mom for how some things turned out in my life, a lot had to do with the choices I made and not how she raised me.