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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Time of Day to Exercise


Interesting information but as he said at the beginning - Just Do It!

I really don't pay any attention to the time of day. I take classes so I go when the class is offered. Can it really make that much difference?

Why we exercise and how we keep ourselves motivated is much more important. I do think that people start out gangbusters sometimes and then get burned out and quit many times. I know it seems running is the elite thing to do - the ultimate. If you run, don't be offended - what I am saying is that I think some take up running for the wrong reasons. It is not realistic for many of us. I read of many who injure themselves and I read of many who keep on even though they are in pain. What's up with that?

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  1. I walk every morning beginning at around 6:00--because the dog stares at me until I am ready. The Pilates and other exercises I do when the spirit moves me. Thankfully, the spirit does move me every day. LOL