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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are We Too Judgmental?

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood.
The next morning while they are eating breakfast, 

The young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside.
"That laundry is not very clean", she said.
"She doesn't know how to wash correctly. 
Perhaps she needs better laundry soap."

Her husband looked on, but remained silent.
Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, 
The young woman would make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a
Nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband:

"Look, she has learned how to wash correctly.
I wonder who taught her this."

The husband said, "I got up early this morning and
Cleaned our windows."

And so it is with life. What we see when watching others
depends on the purity of the window through which we look.

Have you ever found yourself judging someone else for something you do yourself? I have. This need to be better than others is one characteristic of many overeaters (we want it for ourselves; we don't want anyone else to have it). When getting food at a reunion or party or something, do we look over what's available and take the biggest, the gooiest, the nicest? I used to. 
Remember that commercial where two little boys were arguing over dividing a sandwich? The mom let one cut the sandwich and the other got to choose his half first. Wisdom.

What if we took enough food to get by on rather than being sure we got our share? our money's worth?  Have we learned to put others first yet?

We filter our view of others and the world in general through our "windows" - we find ourselves commenting on the shortcomings (our perceived ones) of others for things we do ourselves.

How many times have I commented on someone who has regained weight? (At least I am not THAT big). What about how someone raises their children? (my kids would never do that). Do we comment on how others drive, how others eat, how others manage money, their morals/ethics, on and on. Are we quick to give advice on things when we don't take that advice ourselves (do as I say, not as I do). Have we ever cheated on our taxes? Do we ever drive too fast? Text or make/answer phone calls while driving?

Just how clean are our windows?

Becoming humble is a formidable task. When we have the peacefulness to let others speak without giving our opinions unless asked for them, we will have gone a long way toward self-control. 

I have been at conferences where there were handouts at the end of a session. It's interesting to watch how people will crowd and push in front of others to get whatever is available. 

Anyway - thinking and typing in a somewhat freeform manner with this one. Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and are experiencing success. I did notice at Deb's that 33 have now posted their progress so there aren't as many dropouts as I had feared (my windows need washing perhaps?)


  1. We're all judgemental - very sinful creatures! That's a great analogy. We all need to clean our windows - daily!
    Glad your challenge is going well!

  2. Love your analogy of "clean windows." Excellent way to think about perspective.

  3. I have learned my lesson on this and relearned it again and again. My way is not the "right" way, it is only my way. Thank you for posting this!

  4. Excellent post! We all need a reminder on humility. I teach my children that God comes first, then others, they yourself. We use the word JOY, Jehovah, Others and Yourself. If everyone did that, think of how awesome the world would be!

  5. Great post... I am a work in progress.