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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Why do we quit doing what works? Hmmmm?

My husband has always had trouble with leg cramps at night. He will take potassium, black strap  molasses, eat bananas and they clear up. He was complaining to me that his legs were cramping again and I asked him if he had still been doing those things and he said he hadn't been. I asked him why and he told me because his legs stopped cramping.  HELLO????  BIG RED TRUCK!

I've always had trouble with fat on my butt. The cure for that is to eat differently and move more. When the fat is gone, I've gone back to eating what I want and moving less and the fat is back. I quit doing what worked. I've done this a few times. Not much of a learning curve going on here.

Some of us in the Challenge have done some self-sabotaging lately. Myself included.  I kind of had an excuse because I was out of town but I could have done better at handling the situation. I have not had trouble getting back with it for which I am extremely thankful. It just burns my cookies when the scale shows no loss or a small gain. I never think I deserve it. Even if I do deserve it I don't think the gain should have been that much. My thoughts start going like - it's going to be another whole week before I get to see some progress here. I DON'T WANT TO WAIT THAT LONG. It's like being in limbo for a whole week without that positive reinforcement. I don't care about non-scale victories. I want the number to always be lower than the one before it. I'm such a whiner.

We don't have to enjoy the process. There are some nice things along the way which keeps us going. I didn't always enjoy studying but I did enjoy the good grades. I don't always enjoy my job but I do like the paycheck. I don't like pulling weeds but I do enjoy a yard that receives compliments. We have to do what's necessary to get the results we want. We have to continue to do those things if we want the results to continue.

Did I feel sorry for my husband because his leg cramps returned?  No. He deserved it.


  1. "We don't have to enjoy the process." Now THERE'S a startling thought :) It stands in stark contrast to the "feel good" philosophy promoted by commercials and many self-help books and programs. I wonder if hard times don't come to help us restore some balance to the extreme "feel good" pursuit????

  2. Godo analogy re: the leg cramps...somehow that seems simpler, doesn't it? Ugh.

  3. It's amazing how quickly we are able to forget or let go of what works when we start feeling better. I'm hoping I've learned my lesson this time and will no regain the weight. Keep doing what works.

  4. Very timely post for me. This morning, Husband jumped out of the bed with leg cramps. A few minutes later, I asked him if he had drunk some Gatorade. He said no, he didn't feel like it yet. I thought, but did not say, so you feel like having leg cramps instead. Men!

    I think the things that give us the most satisfaction are the things we have to work the hardest to achieve. Weight loss, for example.

  5. *sigh*...it is a man thing, and something that simply must be endured because everything else about them is so wonderful! For Mr. Pea it's allergy meds. He refuses to acknowledge that they must be taken every day, even if he doesn't feel bad.

    Good insight, especially "We don't have to enjoy the process". Ha!! So true. There is nothing fun about biking in 100 degree heat or spending hours on a treadmill, but I endure it every day because the reward is so worth it. Sort of like Mr. Pea and the whining about allergy meds.

  6. Yes, human nature is a strange thing, especially when we don't seem to know what is good for us. I have been soooo guilty of humming along in my weight loss and then I think I'm cured of eating compulsively. Guess what?? Well, you can predict the outcome. Good post!

  7. E. Jane is right, it's just human to think "oh it's gone, let's stop doing the right stuff". Then it's back and a "duh" moment as to why.
    We always think we know better and try so many ways before the right way.
    Keep up the great work. All will work out in the end because we all know what's right, we just have to do it.
    Take care and God Bless!!