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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"Serenity is not freedom from the storm,
but peace amid the storm."

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Why is serenity so important to our
recovery? Because darkness cannot exist
where there is light! If we can maintain
a serene state of mind, negative emotions and
behavior will have no power over
us. Stress, fear, compulsiveness,
obsessiveness, resentment, guilt, shame,
willfulness, doubt, distrust, greed and
envy, have no power over a mind that is
kept in serene repose. Serenity allows
us to see situations clearly and
make wise decisions.  - From OA

Sometimes in a crazy world we need something to hold onto. We need to feel like we are in control of something. Stress can be a terrible thing to deal with but deal with it we must. Wisdom comes from weathering the storms we find ourselves in at times. I think of my grandmother - she fell forward coming out of her garden as she tripped over something. She was near the end of her first pregnancy and lost the baby and nearly bled to death. She was a serene person. There were 5 more children raised on a farm during the depression. She and grandpa worked hard together. My mother quit school during the depression because she was ashamed of her clothes. I talked to a woman at the place where we exercised together. She had 9 kids and told me they were so poor she didn't have enough money to buy underwear so she didn't wear any. My mom told me once she and dad had to refuse an invitation to go out with some friends because they didn't have the quarter so she could buy a pair of hosiery. How we have changed. We have so many social programs now that people don't have to rely on their own resourcefulness; they can get a check from the taxpayers. There are people who need the help; there are many who are at the public trough. The wages and benefits of public sector union members have been in the news lately. They make far more and enjoy more benefits than the private sector people who are paying the taxes that cover this and private sector people are losing their jobs. The entitlement mentality is killing us. Have you seen the anger on the faces of these people at their demonstrations and rallies? OK - back to serenity.

It seems as a people, Americans are becoming less self-reliant, less serene. Our schools are full of cheating. Term papers can be purchased. When children grow up without accountability; they become adults with the entitlement mentality. We get into the issue of "it's not fair". I see adults on handouts from the taxpayers but they have tattoos, smoke, have cell phones, and many of the amenities.  Serenity is achieved when the person has a sense of self that was created by a life lived in peace; with a life spent in the service of others; with a life of thankfulness not a life of anger over what we think is rightfully ours. "Rights" - what rights do we have?  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (not the provision of happiness). Do you have an elderly person in your life that has worked hard, perhaps served in a war, did without, and now has the wisdom that comes from that? Some of these people are serene because they just have the basics and are content with that.

How content are we? Happiness is not having what we want but wanting what we have. We could lose our weight without spending a penny. We don't need a gym membership to exercise. We don't need to buy special food. We lose our serenity when we look around at the people with the $150 shoes and resent that they have them and we don't. We lose our serenity when someone we know can buy ready-made food and have it delivered and we want that too. If we could just have those new shoes and pay for that membership and have that food delivered; we could lose weight too couldn't we? What storm are you going through right now? Is it of your own making?

Let's find it within ourselves to do this. It's there. We can come in under budget and be more serene along the way.

"WHERE is my SUNDAY paper?!"
irate customer calling the newspaper office, loudly demanded
to know where her Sunday edition was.

"Madam", said the newspaper employee, "today is Saturday. The Sunday paper is not delivered until tomorrow, 
There was quite a long pause on the other end of the phone, followed by a ray of recognition as she was heard to mutter, ..
...."Well, shit, that explains why no one was at church today either.

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