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Friday, June 10, 2011


From Simple Truths

Self-motivation...what does it mean? There's a simple definition for a complex subject: Self-motivation is an inner drive that compels behavior. What makes it complex, however, is that little word "inner," because what works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa.

There are, however, come common denominators; some basic fundamentals when it comes to motivating ourselves. It's these fundamental ideas, and some other things that have worked for me personally that I'd like to share with you. As we all know, it's not always what is said, but how it's said that can turn the switch from "off" to "on." One idea, if you're ready for it, can change your life forever.

Let's think about this - motivating ourselves. I have seen on some blogs that the person has a reward system set up for every 10 lbs. or some other milestone.

There are 3 primary reasons we lose motivation.
  1. Lack of confidence – If you don’t believe you can succeed, what’s the point in trying?
  2. Lack of focus – If you don’t know what you want, do you really want anything?
  3. Lack of direction – If you don’t know what to do, how can you be motivated to do it?
I imagine we would agree that #1 is the one that commonly afflicts us. I think many of us need to get some short-term goals in mind - the building blocks that will get us to the long-term goal of our target weight. If there is a lot of weight to lose it can seem so far away and out of reach and we lose confidence in our ability to get there.

If we want to lose 100 pounds, then 10 pound increments make sense as short-term goals. Remember in order to write a good goal, that goal must have these elements:

1. It must be under your control.  (I will marry a millionaire is not under your control).
2. It must be measurable - I will lose 10 lbs. not I will lose some weight.
3. There must be a time limit - I will lose 10 lbs. this month not I will lose 10 lbs.
4. It must be realistic - I will lose 20 lbs. this month is not realistic.

 I read one blog where the person started out her goals with "I want to---". This is what we called a "weasel" expression when I taught business letter composition. Politicians are very good at using weasel expressions. I want to be an Olympic swimmer; I want to be on Dancing With the Stars - wanting will not make either of these things happen.

Hopefully we all have goals that contain the 4 elements listed above. The goals for the Slimmer This Summer Challenge easily meet these 4 criteria. It is under our control to lose a realistic amount of weight in 12 weeks.


  1. Very good advice on having specific goals. I have failed many time with setting a goal of "losing weight". You are right, the STS challenge is perfect for fixing that problem.

  2. Shoot, now I have to go and make sure my goals are lined with to do or I will instead of want to...LOL