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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday, June 18, STS

Family Reunion today. Carbs/Calories are hard to determine. So here is what I do know:

Quest protein bar for breakfast  230 cal.   4 carbs
Handful of peanuts for supper    200          4
Fiber 1 yogurt for supper             50          8

Reunion food:

Deviled eggs (4 halves) that I made in low carb fashion but these are pretty low carb anyway
Cauliflower salad - also a low carb recipe that I made where you make a potato salad but use cauliflower rather than potatoes
8 party meatballs

that's it - no dessert of any kind - not even fruit  I had had 480 calories  and 16 carbs aside from the reunion so I think I still did OK. I will be weighing in the morning rather than on Monday because I will be leaving to spend the week in Lexington, KY, driving an armored truck to fill in.

Posting will be light next week - probably just reporting on calories and carb intake. I can take my protein bars with me that I always have for breakfast and will buy a case of water. I will be eating out the other two meals. I can get a great salad at Subway for lunch. Any ideas for supper? I just figure I'll go to a restaurant and order some lean meat and some hot vegetables and a side salad.

Take care.


  1. Most places will tell you exactly what they cooked their veggies in and will make exceptions if you request them. Others will look at you like you've lost your mind. LOL

    livestrong.com will give you the calorie breakdown of just about any restaurant.

    Be careful out there!

  2. Hello! Found you through Diz's blog. Seems you are doing something low/moderate carb? I'm trying to ease into that myself right now, and for someone addicted to bread/sugar, it's been interesting!

    Wishing you very well!


  3. See I told you, you'd do great. I am also very positive you will know what to order at any restruant.
    Relax this weekend and get ready for an excellent and prosperous upcoming week.
    Take care and God Bless!!