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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quit Running In and Out!!

"The doors we open and close each day, decide the lives we live." -unknown author
As children how many times did we hear "quit running in and out"? My parents always seemed to be saying that. We would come in, close the door, then out we would go, opening it once more. That would also let in a fly or two at times which didn't help the situation or not getting the door all the way shut was another infraction.

So many times I have opened the door to new and greater things only to close it again by doing something unwise (translate "stupid"). I have started an eating plan and began exercising but then the new wears off; it isn't fun anymore; I start whining about what I want and can't have - there's a slip and "BANG" - the door closes once more. I could CLOSE the door on those things I know are going to slow me down or prevent my success. I could OPEN the door to being proactive and expecting the things I know are coming. The flies get in though when we open the door - doubt, insecurity, lack of motivation, stress, being tired - those stupid flies are buzzing around my head, I swat at them and they don't go away. I NEED A BIG HONKIN' FLYSWATTER!!! This summer every time you swat a fly let's envision that fly as one of the things that gets in our way such as our low level of determination or any emotion that has derailed us in the past. As we swat the fly we kill our negativity. Personalize it and swat that fly with all we've got!! (May want to get a few extra fly swatters). I had a comment from Lizzie on my blog that she thought the most important thing is how we handle failure. That made me think. We all probably have our own definitions of "failure" as we work through this. Haven't I read somewhere that it is only failure when we give up? I think there is failure and then there is FAILURE. FAILURE is when we give up and quit. It's hard. Being hungry is no fun for sure. Failure to me is when we don't do what we have committed to do for no good reason. Are there any good reasons?  Are what we call reasons excuses, rationalizations, and complaints?
Let's open up to going after what we are yearning to have regardless of the flies buzzing around our heads. Let's not quit and be defeated by our own lack of determination. We have to believe we can do it, focus on the goal, and maintain our self-confidence. Each successful day is a building block, an encouragement, proof that we can do it. We cannot say we can't do it because we have had successful days, weeks, even months that prove that statement to be false.
“What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” ~Bodie Thoene

http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/05/31/5-things-weight-loss-didnt-know - good reading here. (from www.jensgyrations.blogspot.com)


  1. I don't have a regular fly swatter...I have one of those that, when you push the button, it electrocutes the flies. Guess that means I'll be sending my negatives to the electric chair. LOL

  2. Great post. This hits close to home for me today! I LOVE that quote, its so true.

    I also love the saying, "Never a failure, always a lesson". You can learn from everything, so nothing is ever a failure because you will have gained something from it.