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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paralysis through Analysis

We do try to dig into our deep, dark past don't we? We try hypnosis, acupuncture, therapy, and still we struggle. Do we over-analyze things? Do we think about all the gimmicks and magic food combinations - we just haven't found the right thing yet - that thing that will work. We keep trying all the latest things, get staples put in our ears, jaws are wired shut, and who knows what else?

There are people with real emotional problems who need professional help. We each have to decide that for ourselves. Doctors will prescribe things. If there is a need, a professional may be able to help. I have a friend who suffers from depression. She is angered when people wave off mental issues thinking they are just weakness of character. Her statement is that a diabetic needs insulin. People with mental issues need medication too. We just have to be very careful. I have read that ADD and ADHD are over-diagnosed. I don't know. Is some of it that adults don't want to deal with a child who is very active and energetic? I taught. I had some of these. Some needed medication. (I needed medication). Some needed discipline. Some needed to be challenged and taught in different ways. We just have to be careful with labels - people will live up to them. They will also hide behind them.

I remember when I was still teaching if there was a tragedy and a student was killed in a car accident counselors were called in, youth pastors from Churches in the community were there as well, we were told that if a student seemed to be having trouble to send him/her to the office. I know they are high school kids but this is life. We must learn to deal with life. I always felt like I was insensitive for feeling the way I did. If you have ever been around high school kids you know they tend to get dramatic and feed off of each other's emotions. Will these be the adults who have trouble coping? I have a friend whose only daughter had been a Devillette, a pom pom performance group in high school. It was a prestigious position as it was a large high school and competition was tough to get in. When this daughter did not make the squad one year, off to counseling they went. If something happened that was perceived traumatic, off to counseling they went. I think my friend needed the counseling really. My point is we are stronger than we think we are.

Many people would like to think they need professional help but don't :-) The blogosphere is full of counselors. I am one of them. Lucky you.

Let's say we did find a way to know all the reasons for why we overeat, why we haven't stuck to a food plan long enough to lose the weight, and why we don't keep off the weight once it is lost. Then what? Aren't we still going to have to do the same things to lose weight and keep it off? Do we have to know? Are we paralyzed because we are making a science experiment out of this?

We've overeaten and not moved enough and gotten fat. Now we need to eat differently and move more to lose the weight. You may now consider yourself to have been psychoanalyzed. Now get up off the couch and go do what needs to be done. (This includes me).


  1. Love this line: My point is we are stronger than we think we are.

    I totally agree with this line. That attitude is what continues to keep me going on my own journey. I also had to come to the fact (out of denial)that I am obese and uncover the reasons why I was there in the first place. So,yes I am stronger than i thought I was, but I am learning so much about myself and caring for myself.

    Thanks for your support on my blog, too. michele

  2. Another great post! And personally, at this point in my life I no longer care why I overeat. I care about doing damage control when the urge strikes and I care about breaking the pattern.