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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


My best advice to any young person is to write down the top ten things you want in a partner, then become that person.

Kriss Hakala
American Mom, Friend and Human Rights Activist

Do you avoid mirrors, especially full length ones? I do. Have you ever been walking up to a store and see yourself walking toward it in the door glass? When you walk down the street have you caught your reflection in plate glass windows? Do you stop and look at yourself in those big mirrors over the sinks in public restrooms? When you are folding clothes do you ever hold up a pair of your jeans or shorts and think "wow, is that what it takes to cover my butt"? It's hard to accept that we are so big.

Body image is tricky. I remember when I was at my goal weight I would buy clothes that were too big because it just didn't "fit" that I could be small like that. 

I read OA materials - this made me think - it's from June 8 of "Just for Today".

Am I satisfied to be the way I am? I used to think the answer was NO, but then why did I go right on being the way I always was, resisting change?

Hopefully this made you think as well.


  1. My husband got me a full length mirror for Christmas and it was quite a shocker.

  2. I find that my mirror image seems to change so much - there are times that I see myself as "fine" and other times, well, not very fine! Ugh.
    Love the quote! Perfect!

  3. My answer is YES to all those questions. And I have recently discovered my reasons for not changing my weight---and none of them are because I am fine with it. But it has been good to make these discoveries!

  4. Yes, I'm guilty of trying to avoid mirrors. But I think, even if you aren't happy with yourself and want to change, you have to learn to love what you see in the mirror right now. Doing the work to change is so hard, you have to love yourself now to do all the work.

  5. Maria - I cannot agree with loving the way I look in the mirror now. I hate it. Does any obese person like the way he/she looks in the mirror? Do we have to learn to love that before we can change? Pull-ease. Love ya to pieces but I think this is just psycho-babble. We do need to round up some determination and motivate ourselves to do what needs to be done and do it NOW not after we learn to love ourselves. That will come later. We cannot analyze ourselves, try to find the causes, what it is in our backgrounds that lead to this, were we potty-trained too early - we're fat and we need to lose weight.