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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How I Am Doing It

Carrie asked about my food plan for the low carb/counting calories thing that is working so well for me. As an aside I almost said, "that seems to be working for me". I backed up and reworded the weasel expression. I thought about giving myself a way out in case I would slip and fall.

Anyway, as a caution, I have done low carb before and failed because I got into the mindset that I could eat all I wanted if it was low carb. Many foods like hard boiled eggs have basically no carbs as does cheese and lean meat; I was eating a lot because I was just counting carbs. These foods still have calories in them so I write down the carbs and the calories(I have been staying between 50 and 75 carbs per day and under 1500 calories). Without the carbs there is no panic when hungry, no anxiety, no craving; hunger is an empty, hollow feeling - carbs cause higher blood sugar quickly and when the bottom falls out; it was always hard to bear that gnawing hunger.

The first thing that went was the refined sugar products - no cookies, cake, candy - you know what I mean. There are so many great sugar free products on the market and even though fruit must be eaten in lesser amounts because of the carbs we must remember that it is low carb not no carb. I was talking to the owner of the quilt shop where I go about how I was losing weight and the first thing she said was "I can't give up my fruit" - well, yes you can give up what you need to to lose weight if you want to badly enough. Bananas are a high carb fruit and carrots are a higher carb vegetable. There are starchy vegetables like corn, peas, and lima beans. You just have to count them. So that's what I did with sugar.

Next to be revised was starches. This was a more difficult area to overhaul because we are a nation of the sandwich. There is a product called Ezekiel bread that I used for a time because one of my favorite breakfasts was toast with some peanut butter on it and sugar-free syrup on it (yum).  This bread is gluten free and is made with sprouted grains rather than flour and is in the freezer section. When determining carbs remember when you look at total carbs on the label you subtract the dietary fiber grams and the sugar alcohol grams from the total carbs because they do not affect blood sugar in any appreciable amount. I have switched to those slimwich buns for a sandwich when I have one.

Several things I like is the Quest  Protein Bar. You can find them at questproteinbar.com - I usually have these for breakfast through the week because I am usually on the way out the door to do my route or go to my step aerobics class. Since I am in Lexington this week, they are a convenient, portable breakfast.

I usually always have hard boiled eggs on hand and things like string cheese and fresh vegetables- you can make a killer salad on this food plan and have real dressing as well. I love the soy burgers - we have Boca brand and Morning Star Farms brand in this area - you can put a slice of cheese, pickles, there is a low sugar ketchup available - on a slimwich is a great lunch. I like Fiber One yogurt for a dessert - remember to subtract fiber grams from carb grams on label. There are some yummy sugar free puddings for dessert as well. A good lunch is 1/2 c. of  cottage cheese (not low fat or fat free), a hard boiled egg, and
green beans that are seasoned with onion and even some bacon for seasoning. I use Paula Dean's kitchen seasoning - she mixes 1 c. salt with 1/4 c. pepper and 1/4 c. garlic powder - it's great. When out the Arby's junior roast beef sandwich works - go to the web site for the carbs (I forget - I'm in the motel room). Chicken breasts, lean ham, lean beef - there are many good protein sources that will keep you from getting hungry as your blood sugar will not fall as quickly as when eating so many carbs. I keep the Atkins shakes on hand. While I am not following Atkins the products are helpful. The first week of Atkins was too much for me. I was tired, bad breath, dry mouth - couldn't exercise or be around people much  :-)

Get on the internet for tons of low carb recipes. You can buy books with carb and calorie counts for foods.

You MUST get in the 10 waters. There is an ash left behind when your body burns fat for fuel. This ash goes through your kidneys. The water keeps it cleared.

Just keep track and I think you will be very pleased with your success. Just remember we can't have our cake and eat it too. We cannot eat all we want and lose weight. It doesn't work like that. Let me know if I can help you any further.


  1. I am hypothyroid and have had great success in losing with a low carb diet however it seems when if I have a day or two with a few extra carbs my weight balloons up so quickly. I'm glad this is working for you. I'm also trying to eat lower carbs in general but I don't have a specific number to stay below. Maybe I should try to lower them further. I'm so glad this is working for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. I have to be careful when I go off the low carb too, with weight gain.

    I have been wanting to try out Ezekiel bread, it just has me curious. I am with out an oven right now, but once we get it fixed I am going to give it a whirl.

    Great work, keep it up!