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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17, STS

1425 calories   64 carbs  10 waters  no exercise today

I learned today that I will be in Lexington, KY, all next week to fill in for someone driving the armored truck for someone replenishing ATM's. I will be leaving Sunday night so will weigh in on Sunday morning rather than Monday. This was somewhat unexpected and I immediately wanted to eat. I have done this long enough now to know this was a reaction to plans being changed for the entire week. It will be hard to exercise, I will be eating out a lot, and sitting in a truck all day while someone goes in to the ATM. I will be alone in the evenings in a motel room. This should be fun.  :-(

Tomorrow is a family reunion and you know how you can never find anything worth eating  :-) I am fixing food to take that is OK for low carb. Knowing that I will be weighing in the next morning will motivate me to do the right thing.

Hope everyone is experiencing continued success.


  1. I hate change too. I am proud of your thinking ahead and bringing the right dishes. We too have a family reunion coming up, haven't figured out what I'll do yet because I seldom have time to eat anyways but still all the food might be tempting.
    Take care and be safe. God Bless!!

  2. Bummer. Who's gonna take care of all those flowers?? :-)

  3. Don't turn to that food when you are feeling alone turn to me! If you are online send me a message!! Let's talk! That food only brings pain not happiness believe me!!! Nicole @ www.colieskitchen.com