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Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day

I have found a QUEST food bar that I really like. It's an easy breakfast. Google it if you want to read up on it. Anyway -

Breakfast:  Quest food bar                   220 cal.              5 carbs
Lunch: veggie burger (pickles, reduced
  sugar ketchup, no bun}                      140 cal.              9 carbs

Two coffees w/creamer (I get sugar-
  free hazelnut and mix it with half and      25 cal.             2 carbs
  half with heavy whipping cream)

1/2 cup cottage cheese                          110 cal.             5 carbs

raw vegetables/ranch dip                          35 cal.             2 carbs
1 hard boiled egg                                      80 cal.             0 carbs

fiber one yogurt for dessert                        50 cal.             8 carbs

Supper:  celery/pnb                                    200                 4 carbs
cheese/crackers                                          180                10 carbs
sugar free pudding - dessert                          60 cal.             7 carbs

1240 calories                   54 carbs
did step aerobics
10 waters
Had a good first day - hope everyone else did as well!!

1 day down, only 83 to go!!


  1. Great start to day one! lots of water, too!

  2. Congrats on Day 1 success! I"m off to go google "quest!" :-)