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Monday, June 6, 2011


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." -- Aristotle.
 Did you read my "Blazing A Path" post from a couple of days ago? The paths that we create in our brains through repeatedly doing things becomes automatic. Habits are created. Bad habits can be replaced with new and better habits by repeatedly doing something CONstructive in the place of something that is DEstructive. Autopilot for emotional eating can be changed.  
 There are many of us taking part in the Slimmer For Summer Challenge. Whether in the Challenge or not there has been a cycle in the past when beginning a new plan for eating and exercising. The first week we are all smiles; everything goes well, and we lose a decent amount. The second week things slow down a bit but that's OK, we lose some more weight but probably not quite as much as the first week. The third week is when the new starts to wear off; this isn't quite as much fun as in the beginning. The fourth week is when we have slipped up; we often undo a lot of our hard work that we invested in the previous 3 weeks. We get discouraged. We seek out support for what we have done and there are many who are glad to give it. They will try to help us rationalize what we have done. Who could blame us? It's understandable.
I'm going to give you an assignment. After all I was a teacher in my former life.
OK - here is your supplies list:

a nice, clean sheet of paper
your favorite ink pen (this could be an excuse to buy a new one - I love to buy paper/pencils/pens)
a comfortable chair
coffee/tea/something cold - your favorite refreshment
peace and quiet

Now - write a letter to yourself. This letter is to be read OUT LOUD whenever you feel like (or know) there is a slip up approaching. You already know how it feels - anxiety, stress, low self-confidence, motivation lacking - you complete the list. This should be a really long letter. In it you will detail what is about to happen and why. You will also recall times in the past when this has happened. You will also need to include an action plan because you really don't want to do this again. Is there someone you can call and talk this through with? Do you need to get out of the house? Will you visit someone? Why read it out loud? You will be using more of your senses that way. There will be more of an impact.

This letter can be revised and edited as you have more insights and thoughts. If any of you would like to share your letter on your blog, let us know so we can learn. I realize it may be too personal for that.

This could be a journal activity. I have had journal activities in past posts. You could keep your logs of eating and exercising. Good days could get a gold star on that page. Before and after pictures would work well. 

Let's be pro-active. There will be a test.

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  1. This I have done. Thanks for the assignment. I ♥ the Aristotle quote.