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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review

This is a very funny book and well worth reading. Here are my highlights from my kindle.

It was silly to wait for someone to fix me. I needed to fix myself. I knew what my problem was. I could no longer buy pants at the fat-girl store; and now, a doctor was offering weight-loss surgery as a serious option.

A commercial for weight-loss surgery used to air frequently on my television. The sales pitch didn't focus on becoming thin but instead sold you the fabulous new life you would have once you became thin. The commercials sold you hope. You wouldn't just be thin; you would finally be happy and loved.

I believed people shouldn't hate themselves for being overweight, but I didn't think they should have to enjoy it either. I had accepted that I was fat, I just couldn't like being fat. It wasn't because I hated myself, an accusation some fat-acceptance members frequently threw at dieters. I wanted lose weight because I loved myself and I knew I deserved better.

The very act of believing you couldn't do something made it less likely that you could. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It must have been hard for my family to see me get so big, and not just because I took up more space on the couch when we were watching TV. If I were worried about me, they must have been too, but I didn't want to talk about it. Talking about something made it real. I had now become the fattest person in the family, but I kept the topic off-limits.

I never planned what I was going to eat until I was hungry, which was like waiting until I was drunk to start driving.

More later--got to go to step aerobics--


  1. Wow. That chick has been right inside my head.

  2. Wow. That chick has been right inside my head.

  3. Was all of that from the book?? Sounds really like a gem. Thanks for sharing!