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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boogey Man

Remember when you were a little kid (I can't remember ever being little, but I think I was maybe) and you were afraid there was a monster under your bed or in the closet? I would lie really still so that monster wouldn't know I was there. This was real to me at the time but now seems pretty silly.

What monster is it that makes us afraid of being successful at weight loss and maintenance? What protection is the extra weight providing? There are only two emotions:  love and fear. We are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All the rest of our fears have been learned.

I read a story of Gandhi. He was out sitting quietly in a remote area by a road when a band of robbers approached him. Of course he only wore that loin cloth and maybe some sandals. This band of robbers approached him in a threatening manner and he asked them what they were afraid of. The leader was somewhat taken aback when Gandhi told him that they must be afraid of something because they were carrying weapons. This group of men became followers of Gandhi and no longer carried weapons.

Gandhi was at peace; he didn't need a weapon because he feared nothing. He had love for himself and his fellow man.

What weapons have we used against ourselves because we were afraid the food wouldn't be there later? Have you ever eaten so you wouldn't get hungry? "Better eat now; we may not be able to eat later." Do we have food in the car? Do we take food with us "just in case"? Have we ever played the airplane game to get a child to eat food that child didn't want? Have we ever put the nipple back in the child's mouth to get that last ounce in even though the child is giving all kinds of cues he/she is full? Do we use food as a reward or a punishment? How has food become such a monster? Why do we use food as a weapon? Death by knife and fork.

It makes me mad at myself that I have let food become such an idol. Should we be angry that food and eating is robbing us of our very life and health? How concerned are we that we have been letting food control us? I have told the story in an earlier post about standing in the hall between classes with one of our English teachers and we were talking about people who smoke, drink too much, eat too much, on and on. He said he thought the reason these people didn't buckle down is that they thought "It won't be today". It won't be today we are diagnosed with diabetes. It won't be today that cancer strikes. I have never forgotten that because it is so true. I still weigh too much but somehow we fool ourselves with the thought that losing weight is harder than quitting smoking because we have to eat something while smokers can stay completely away from tobacco. Of course, this gives us permission to continue like we are. We can't say anything about a drug addict, a smoker, an alcoholic, etc., as long as we remain too heavy.

I guess I'm done now. Check under your bed tonight; get rid of that monster (especially if he has a weapon). There will be nothing to be afraid of then.

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