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Monday, June 27, 2011

Been Thinkin'

I have been mulling over in my mind what might be the possible reasons for the 1.5 lb. gain. I have come to a couple of conclusions:

Remember the two packs of peanuts per day for lunch - I always have the dry roasted unsalted ones at home. These were salted and had a lot of sodium. All of the fast food things were probably high in sodium. I take blood pressure medication and so watch salt at home so my body must have really sucked up the water in response to this.

I sat in the armored van anywhere from 8 - 14 hours per day all week - not a real calorie burner.

A couple of you (Natasha was one, I forget (sorry) who the other one was) commented that when you lost with low-carb it didn't take much to put weight back on. I got to thinking about how thirsty carbs can make us. I had several sandwiches last week with a bun (of course). I would love for more fast food chains to offer whole grain buns. When our bodies adapt to one way of nutrition and we throw it a curve, the reaction can be more of a bounce than if we had been eating those things all along I wonder. Al over at Almost Gastric Bypass told a humorous description of an experience at a store after eating some things his system was not used to (I think bacon was one of the culprits) and others had some similar stories. It gave new meaning to "the trots".

It makes me wonder if we should add back many carbs at all other than the fruit/vegetable kind. There are good carbs and bad carbs and I plan to educate myself a little more in this regard. The diet plans that rely on the glycemic index make use of this information.

Anyway, I would be interested in your thoughts. Adding back for maintenance might be an easier process if we arm ourselves with this information.


  1. I'm a calorie girl. I shoot for a certain amount of calories and go from there so I don't know if I'd be able to help or not. My FEELING though, is that it should all balance out. I actually hate going week by week on the scale. When the challenge is over, I'm going back to just weighing once a month. There is too much weekly fluctuation and too much reliance on the scale. Eat well, move more and you should get results. Try not to over think it. :-)

  2. I have been in maintenance for about a month. Since I have added a little bread and a few sweets back, I have gained 3 or 4 lbs. I am weighing daily, and trying to get it under control, but I agree that adding carbs when we have not been eating them will cause a gain.

  3. I know you're not in love with that 1.5 lbs. So I know you will unload it as soon as possible. We're in the same boat this week. See less of you on Saturday. :-)

  4. The sodium and sitting could be a big water holder in your system causing the 1.5 pound increase for sure. I'd say go back to unsalted and try to get as much healthy food in as possible, you'll see a loss for sure:-)

  5. Just get out and do some major walking and drink tons of water to flush it all out. It'll be gone, you can do this. Your job makes it hard but hopefully this week will be a bit easier for you.
    Keep up the good work my friend, you'll do it. I have faith in you.
    Take care and God Bless!!