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Saturday, June 25, 2011


I remember when I was a kid that I had gone barefoot so much that the soles of my feet toughened up and I could walk on gravel and it didn't hurt. Now I do this tippy toe thing and scrunch up my shoulders (like that's going to help), and do this gasping eech, outch, ootch thing as I go - it's pretty pathetic really.

Have we tried so many ways and so many times to lose weight that we are calloused? We can't feel like we should. It's hard to try yet again because we have tippy toed around getting serious but never really got serious. We are calloused - it is hard to feel the urgency that we should be feeling about this. When we started this Challenge there were some who messed up the first week. Some struggled the second week. If we keep up this cycle will the callouses be so thick nothing will work and we will just quit trying altogether? Why put ourselves through walking on this gravel?

We are nearly  into the fourth week now. After this next week we are 33% through the Challenge. How many have quit? Should these people discipline themselves to finish? There are 9 weeks left - make a new set of goals and finish this. In 9 weeks great progress can be made. We can all still be slimmer this summer even if we have been taking the scenic route.

Got back home last night, got the things out of the car, walked around the yard and surveyed the amount of work I have to do. I must go to the grocery store and get things for the week. There's a bunch of lettuce in the garden so I must pick that and get it all rinsed in the salad spinner. By the way, if you don't have a salad spinner GET ONE. I love it. Salad lasts so much longer  when it has been rinsed and then all the extra water spun out of it. I also have to pick up my sewing machine as I left it to be cleaned while I was gone. I am covering service calls tomorrow for ATM's so hopefully there will be none. The alumni banquet is tomorrow night and a local Garden Tour is on Sunday. The friends I go with always go out to eat but I can get a salad. Sunday is the day also a friend and I will be taking some Sunday School kids to the local nursing home. We always do that on the last Sunday of the month. Can you believe it will soon be July? It's summer officially now so the days will gradually shorten. :-(

I don't know what to expect on Monday but whatever. The exercise was non-existent last week. I did get the water in each day. I don't think I did too badly on the carbs and calories but it's hard to know. This weigh in may not be as stellar as the first two.

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  1. Good analogy, Myra! My feet are still calloused. I'm always barefoot, even in the winter. It does take a toll on my feet.
    Hope your challenge goes well!