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Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Assignment

So here is the assignment.....Please write what losing weight and reaching your weight loss goal means to you.

You might want to read that every morning. I do think our mornings set the tone for the day. I toyed with the idea of not going to Church yesterday because it was beautiful and I needed to get some yard work done. I then thought "God blessed you with all of this and you can't get to Church and worship?"

I don't know if you believe in God-incidences rather than co-incidences but after my post  about flies there was a fly on the screen in the kitchen. I got my fly swatter and BAM - missed him. I was in Church and we were praying and I felt something on my arm; I looked down and it was a fly. I thought I got that one (I was in Church after all) but am not sure. It can be distracting in Church during prayer if someone is flailing around trying to kill a fly. It just seemed kind of like God was trying to show me that the negatives are there and sometimes we fail at eliminating them on the first try. It wasn't the same fly in Church but I thought I got him. Was God telling me that with His help it is possible to overcome negatives? I would like to think so.

My day went  great yesterday since I went to Church and I am going to assume I killed that fly and scared the other one to death at home. I have gotten so much yard work done. I think I'll go to Church this Sunday too, join me?

Here is a great song for your enjoyment.


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