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Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Me?

Your future depends on many things,
but mostly on you.

Frank Tyger
American Editorial Cartoonist

Isn't it wonderful that our future depends mostly on us? We don't have to wait on a best friend, our parents, or our boss to get our future on the right track. Isn't that a relief? No?

Have you ever had a deadline to meet and had to wait on someone else to do his/her part so that you could do your part? How frustrating is that? When I would assign group projects while still teaching I noticed the best students were not thrilled. It was because they knew they would end up doing most of the work because they wanted a good grade -  AND the ones who didn't care knew it. The better students didn't wait on the leeches; they got at it and did a good job. They didn't know it at the time, but they are the successful ones today.

Aren't we glad we don't have to depend on anyone else for weight loss or exercise? Are we dependable people? If someone asks us to help out, can that person depend on us to do what we said we were going to do? 

You probably see where this is going. What will my last line read in your opinion?

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