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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seven Rules


This link will take you to "Seven Rules of Mindful Eating For Health and Weight Loss" - here are the 7 rules you will be reading about:

1.  Choose
2.  Sit
3.  Commit
4.  Acknowledge
5.  Pace
6.  Chew (Breathe)
7.  Complete

My blogging has been a little "light" lately. The weather is nice and I have so much yard work to do plus I have been covering my route and another route each day while someone is on vacation so time is at a minimum. I'll try to have some little tidbit up though each day as usual. I really think some of these behavioral changes will go a long way to getting us to our goals. Back in the day  when I took swimming one day we were to dive into the pool from the side. The instructor said the body would follow the head. She wanted us to keep our heads pointed top down toward the water when we jumped for a successful dive.

That so relates to weight loss in my opinion. If we can get our heads on straight the body will follow. I work so much more on those emotional and behavioral things because I truly feel that that is where success will be found. I am thinking of taking my weight loss ticker down because I haven't even been weighing myself like I was on Mondays and Thursdays. I can tell you low carb has made me feel so much better and the heat doesn't bother me so much. My clothes are loose and that's what makes me happy. Just  be careful with the low carb - I had the attitude at first that I could eat and eat and eat if it was lean meat or something like peanuts or cheese. We still should not eat when we aren't hungry or when we just feel like it because we can eat a honkin' amount of food and stay under 50 grams of carbs. Busted again.


  1. Your "tidbits" are SO much more than that to me :)
    I'm thinking of that "body follows head" statement...It gives me a picture to hang my choices/actions on today.

    I made a fresh commitment to health & healthy choices last night! I'm relieved. For some reason, I just couldn't make this commitment to myself for several months.

  2. the heat is so much easier to deal with when we're even just a few pounds lighter. Glad you feel a difference!