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Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Award

I am starting a new award for all of us. It's called the Home Run award. You award this to a person whose post in your opinion merits an award for hitting one out of the park. It would be a post that you feel is exceptionally beneficial--you were touched; you were convicted; you had one of those "aha" moments. You will have to comment to that person telling him/her of the award and why you feel the post is deserving of the award. You will also have to have an extra post for that day at your place telling all your followers about it and why this award is being given by you. The recipient can come here and copy/paste it to his/her site.

Now - I hope I have done the image correctly so that it can be copy/pasted. I will have to work on it otherwise. Those of you who have done things of this sort, I would appreciate your advice. I have seen awards on the blogs of others so I hope I have done this correctly. Let's agree to have the award on our blogs for one week and then take it off so it can be awarded again to the same person for a different post and then that person can put it back up for a week. What do you think? I will keep the award on my blog all of the time so that everyone will have access to it.

I will give the first award to Chris at A Deliberate Life for her post about Habits. I thought it was great - a true winner.



  1. Myra, I agree with you about Chris's post. But I have to say, you have hit a LOT of them out of the park! Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree! You should have the first award.

  3. Great award! Love the idea!

  4. Thank you Myra! I really appreciate it. I will put it in my sidebar...and I agree completely with what the other ladies said...but since you cannot give one to yourself, I suppose I will have to give one to you in the future as well! Hope your Sunday was blessed.