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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here are 26 alphabetical tips for living an inspired and successful life.

Ask for what you want.
Be who you say you are.
Care about others.
Dare to live your dreams.
Ease through the day.
Find the best fit.
Give to another.
Hug a friend.
Inspire someone to greatness.
Jump over a boundary.
Kick a bad habit.
Leap across a fear.
Mention something uplifting.
Never say never.
Open your mind and heart.
Pursue your innermost passions.
Quit complaining.
Restore your smile.
Set your sights high.
Trust yourself.
Use all the day.
Value everything.
Wait until it feels right.
Xpress yourself.
Yank weeds from your mental garden.
Zoom into the now.

Written by Carol James

I stole this from my sister's blog - jensgyrations.blogspot.com

An inspired and successful life - Nobody on this planet can do all the things mentioned above. Let's get real.

Ask for what I want?  I want everything that I see others have and enjoy. I want a new car, a sun room on the back of the house, and all the flowers and quilting fabric I could ever use. NOW - what do I need? I will never have all that I want but I always have more than I need. Perhaps this could be what we want from others emotionally - the support that we need or the encouragement. Of course, we have to do the same.

Be who you say you are. I have said I was a Christian. That one's tough to live up to. If you say you are a teacher, be a good one. Have you ever noticed that when we introduce ourselves or others are introduced to us the occupation is always mentioned. This is a major part of our identity so we must be good at it because we will be defined by it.

Care about others. How much? What if it's inconvenient? What if there are people I don't care about? Everyone is fighting a battle but caring doesn't mean enabling. Those who care the most are often hurt the most. It's a risk we must take but the gems we find in other people are worth the search.

Dare to live your dreams. This one sounds a little lofty don't you think? What about living so when I am gone, it mattered that I was here for a time.

Ease through the day. Yeah, right. We do need to keep things in perspective. Do you know anyone who is on such a schedule or has such a routine that it is threatening if this is disrupted? Eating at a certain time? Going to bed at a certain time? The house needs cleaned. We had an elementary teacher who nearly made herself sick because of her spring cleaning and it being near the end of school - we are talking taking beds apart and vacuuming the springs, taking everything out of every drawer and closet. If you ever see me doing that, it's time to sign the papers; I've lost it.

Find the best fit. And I do this how? The best fit of what? Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole?

Give to another. I agree. I say give to your Church. Give as much as you can - There have been disasters all over the place. Time can be a gift. Write a note, send a card. Take the prayer list at your Church and send cards that day when you get home before you forget about it. The Red Cross and The Salvation Army are two good organizations where your money gets to where it's intended. I know people who don't give and they say it's because the money is misused but I know it's because they just don't want to give.

Hug a friend. Hug a family member. Hug your pet. Hug someone who is hurting or in sorrow.

Inspire someone to greatness. Yes - kids are great choices to inspire. Encourage. Set a good example. Be what you want your kids to be.

Jump over a boundary. Many of these boundaries we have set ourselves. Who says you can't lose weight? (you do) - who says you can't learn to play the piano? (you do).

Kick a bad habit. I would have to make a list. We all probably know what we should stop doing.

Leap across a fear. I ain't handling a snake. I will not bungee jump nor will I repel down a building. I have been a coward for  61 years; I see no reason to change now. Do I fear taking on some more responsibilities? Have you ever been in one of those organizations where if you take an office you have to die to get out of it? We make up all kinds of excuses when we really just don't want to do it but can't face that in ourselves so we pull something out of the air to justify our lack of wanting to get involved or make a difference.

Mention something uplifting. Who is your hero? 

Never say never. I ain't never handling a snake.

Open your mind and heart. I have to say we have become a little too open minded; our brains have fallen out. Our hearts, yes - there are so many hurting people and people who need help.

Pursue your innermost passions. We can be passionate about many things. We should not be afraid to take a stand. We have to do a lot of reading and find people who oppose our views to hone our skills. If we cannot defend our position; maybe we need to reconsider. When the horse we are riding dies; it's time to get off. We don't support the things we support with near the passion we oppose the things we oppose.

Quit complaining. Yes. Who wants to be around these people? Not me.

Restore your smile. Yes. Smiles just have a way of brightening the area. C. S. Lewis called it showing our teeth to each other.

Set your sights high.  We also need to be realistic and set reachable goals.

Trust yourself. We also need to find those wise people to trust - those people who want what's best for us and will tell us things we will find tough to hear but that we need to hear.

Use all the day. Well, most of it. I like a good, restful nap occasionally.

Value everything. We shouldn't ask for more until we appreciate what we already have.

Wait until it feels right. Intuition can be a pretty reliable resource.

Xpress yourself. Make sure you can also spell. :-) I really get tired of hearing people say "like" every other word. We were like at the mall and like we decided like to go to get something to eat and we like ran into some friends. I also get really tired of being asked how I am - it has become such an empty conversation starter. Our credibility can be compromised with poor language skills. Swearing suggests a lack of vocabulary skills. If we can't express ourselves without swearing, we don't have the  verbal skills to make our point.

Yank weeds from your mental garden. Have some spiritual time each day.

Zoom into the now.  The past is gone. Tomorrow never comes. Today is a gift; that's why it's called the present.

Written by Carol James/Edited by me.

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