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Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been wondering what herbs, supplements, and/or vitamins people are taking and why? I don't mean your prescriptions - that would be too personal.

I bought a book called "Food as Medicine" and it recommends herbs, supplements, and foods for whatever condition a person has. I have had a doctor watch my thyroid (go to my "Let's Laugh" post for a funny about this) but never prescribed anything because it was never quite bad enough to do anything about. This book recommended taking kelp because of its iodine content so I do. I also take a fish oil supplement - cholesterol runs in the family. I take CoQ10 for the heart. I take a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for joints, a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, and zinc. I was taking a couple other things but ran out and didn't replace. The zinc is for blood pressure.

Some of the rationale is that our food is so highly processed that vitamins/minerals are lost so we need to supplement. Have any of you gone to organic food?

I would also be interested to know if any of you have ever taken these diet pills that are on the market or that we see advertised. What was your experience? 

What are your feelings about this? Is this hard on the liver? Have any of you noticed that it did any good?


  1. I looked to see what was in the "diet" pills. Most of them were bulking agents to fill you up, which water can do. Besides, if they worked, the maker would get a Nobel Prize in medicine and not be selling them in the back of a magazine. They're also very expensive when you can buy Metamucil for a lot less.

    If your liver's healthy, I don't see any harm in most of them, nor any other supplement, though.

    I take a multivitamin/multimineral pill with extra iron, Rx'd by my doc. I need the iron for my anemia. He wants me to take the other pill because my nutrition isn't very solid. He wouldn't prescribe it if I were eating normally.

    When I eat, I eat a lot of organic foods, but that's because I belong to a co-op for so-called natural foods and prefer the flavor of organically-grown vegetables. They're local, so they can grow better varieties and don't have to choose those that ship well. They can grow the ones that have better flavor instead. I was a vegetarian for over 30 years, so it made a huge difference.

    That's my diet. Boring, eh?

  2. I tried a few different diet pills, none really worked. They have diuretics and caffeine in them usually. As for vitamins/herbs, I've taken a ton of different things over the years. Let's see what I take that's different from you, I take methyl B12 to help keep my energy up and because I'm on a medication that leeches it from my system. Evening primrose oil for my skin. I have some other mixtures that I haven't been taking, things like CLA that they say helps your body metabolize the fat. Also, I've never gone organic because it's just too expensive.

  3. I was diagnosed with Graves disease in '96. The last time the Graves flared up was 4-5 years ago, but that was also the last time I was treated for it. I have had problems since. This I'm 100% positive. I left treatment because my insurance got dropped. The meds alone were costing $300+ a month. At the time I dropped my levels were coming back down to normal. I wasn't able to get insurance again until the last part of 09 and then I was told I had to wait 18 months to use it for my thyroid because of prexisting. Idk...such bs. Anyway I have been stuck in a waiting game paying out the *ss for big insur company. Who's probably driving around a porshe; while I drive my beater who's front wheel falls off. Right now I'm sick, I know this. My pulse is up, I can't sleep, I shake a lot, I feel plain ICKY - all with the last few weeks has progressed to me thinking I might just have to go in ahead of sched.

    I started taking supplements a few months ago and for a short time it helped. Now I don't think so much. Here's what I'm taking : Solgar B-Complex 100, Solgar chelated copper 2.5mg, Solgar Selenium 200 mcg, Now D-3 5,000 IU, & Iodoral 12.5. I take these pulse style. Which means every other day. I've been thinking about taking a multi but I haven't been convinced of which one I should be one. I also get liquid oral Vit C daily. And I take a fish oil supplement that's a liquid paste and I add that into food stuff or OJ. And I've started chowing on ground flax - omega 6 - I think.

    I don't think they have me diagnosed correctly. So when I go in next I will push for a second look see. I honestly think I have both hashis and graves. Quite a few members in my family have both. Mom was treated for low (hashis) and then she swinged high (now graves). During the high period she has put on 30+lbs. She is frustrated. Same story for me. I put on when I'm high and don't lose diddly very well.

    My triplets have hashis. I have given them some of Iodoral. They reported back that they were less sleepy, had more energy, and less brain fog. It sucks having brain fog at 12. Ped. Endo doc has moved, so have to find a new one.

    My recomendations, start off slow. Take one new supplement at a time and keep a diary of things different you notice and think the supplement might be accountable for.

    :D Happy Monday!
    ps. Read Iodine Why You Need It - Dr. Brownstein; oh and Mary Shomon site is good info on thyroid http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/tag/mary-shomon/

  4. I guess I'm not really a fan of diet pills per se because if you do lose weight, can you keep it off? That's been my experience in watching other people, although I did not use any supplements to lose my weight. The only thing I take is a multi-vitamin.