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Monday, April 25, 2011


"The future starts today, not tomorrow."
-Pope John Paul II

I might also add - "or Monday", "or after the holidays", "or after this one last binge".

In yesterday's post I commented on the obese people at my great niece's birthday party. I was thinking over my own attitude there again and remembered how I watched them fill their plates and took note of how they ate. What do I care? I don't like people evaluating what, how much, or the way I eat. They didn't know I was taking note however so it's OK. I ate a hamburger and a hot dog without a bun for either as I am watching the carbs. My sister-in-law said something about that and I told her I was watching carbs. I wasn't offended, didn't say it wasn't her business, or I'll eat my food the way I want and you do the same.  She just noticed.

I noticed what big amounts of things like macaroni and cheese one served herself. I also noticed what big bites they took. I took baked beans for a side dish. There were two potato type side dishes and one macaroni & cheese. The drinks were liter bottles of pop to drink - only one was diet. One person did bring a relish tray with veggies. There was a cheese ball. There were many cupcakes (I didn't have one). Lots of chips. White buns rather than whole grain. I guess that was pretty typical for a cookout/birthday party.

I guess I was watching because I have become more aware of these things. I have also read many times about small bites and chewing thoroughly - also small portions.

Are any of you more aware of what and how others eat? What are you noticing and how are you internalizing the information you are gathering?

Finally - I got my picture up. My next picture will be when I reach Onederland.

I weighed 217.5 this morning. That's .5lb  since Thursday. I think I will update my ticker on Thursdays. I will be perfectly happy with 1 pound a week. More will be great but I am going to be the tortoise rather than the hare this time through. It's the changes I make that I am going to focus on - the water, exercising, waiting for hunger, stopping when comfortably full - you know the drill.


  1. I read this post (and the last one) and reflected on how easily my OWN habits have slipped. Not overnight, but over a period of months. It is time to return to what I KNOW to do until it becomes what I WANT to do.

    My inner/unspoken criticism of others is REALLY self criticism. Thanks for making me THINK and evaluate my current situation.

  2. Busted...I people watch. I watch all people. :) I tend to be watched a lot as well, but hey it's not easy not noticing me. Sounds pretty typical for a cook out. Funny I'd sans the buns too. I'd take a cup cake but scrape off the frosting. Eat a handful of chips and take a SoBe and be happy enough to chill and watch. As for eating - I notice all types of people eating outside of their stereotypical box. I like to study reactions to food. Some are uncomfortable right away when exposed to something outside of their own controlled box when presented a situation like the one you described above and you can tell it.

    Hey the link you gave me goes to a a FoxNews article. Was that where you intended for me to head? I did read the article. :) Mmmm, beef jerky. Love some!

  3. Oh yes, I watch what and how much others eat. And what they have in their grocery cart. And I notice that the people in the veggie and fruit section look to see what I have in my cart. It's NOT frozen pizza and chicken fingers, for sure. Or doughnuts. Ugh!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  4. Hi Myra, thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy the Sophisticate blog - I have! You'll get to ONEderland soon! We're in this together!

  5. I do watch other people, usually I'm comparing them to me. Or I'm thinking they are watching ME and comparing me to them. Paranoia runs rampant within me! Trying to stop, though!

  6. What's your verdict on sugar alcohols, xylitol, etc... for carb counting?