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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Consider the Source

Have you ever evaluated the words of another based on your perception of the person rather than on the words that person spoke? How do we earn respect - the kind of respect where people value what we say? Do any of us feel like our appearance gets in the way of being taken seriously? Has the appearance of another person ever affected our receptiveness to what that person had to say?

“When considering praise or criticism first consider the source.”

 Jeff Daly quotes

Blogging has been a God-send to many of us because if we don't want to put up pictures we don't have to. We can wait until we are ready for that. Our words are all people "see".

Got me a new camera - one where I can post pictures on the internet. A niece's birthday party is today so I am going to try it out and see if I can get the hang of it. It's a rainy day here in Indiana. I made two doll outfits for my niece's American Girl doll - what a pain. There's a quilt show coming up and I have to get a quilt done so I can enter it next. I am going to Jazzercise this morning. Tomorrow is Easter. Any of you have an Easter tradition that you are looking forward to? We had a cookout planned at my brother's house after Church but this rainy weather may change that. About the time I think we are going to get our garden tillered up it begins to rain again. Oh well.

This is from theblaze.com - Atlas Shrugged is now a movie. Have you read it? It's great. 

Rand and her army of ideological adherents—both then and now—claim that “Atlas Shrugged” is the greatest novel ever written. Even those who have never read it know the plot: America’s productive titans go on strike against a progressively intrusive, tax-happy, and morally corrupt socialistic government until, at last, the nation’s “looters and moochers” beg them to come back and restore prosperity on their terms, ending with the promise of a utopia of the competent and the strong.

“For the first time [in history], you have depicted persons and their actions in perfect accordance with principles and their consequences,” libertarian founding father Murray Rothbard wrote to Rand about the book in 1957, adding that she had “a mind that I unhesitatingly say is the most brilliant of the twentieth century.” (A few years later, he compared her exercise of control over the minds of her followers to the cults of Hitler, Mao, and Trotsky.) Delineating a world in which productive, purposeful people like herself could thrive without being thwarted by the envy, greed, or interference of others less gifted was her life’s mission. She accomplished it in “Atlas Shrugged” and wanted to see nothing less than a movie that represented her imagined world in all its glorious details and dark colors.

Dependency - our nation is weakening. The people who can create wealth through their entrepreneurship and inventions are being run out and demonized. The "evil rich" are being characterized by the present government as the ones who must pay to provide the revenue to balance the national budget. They are already taxed at the highest rate but that's not enough. We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

Top 5% pay 53.25% of all income taxes (Down from 2000 figure: 56.47%). The top 10% pay 64.89% (Down from 2000 figure: 67.33%). The top 25% pay 82.9% (Down from 2000 figure: 84.01%). The top 50% pay 96.03% (Down from 2000 figure: 96.09%). The bottom 50%? They pay a paltry 3.97% of all income taxes. The top 1% is paying more than ten times the federal income taxes than the bottom 50%! 
When I hear "tax breaks for the rich" I throw up in my mouth a little. 

Atlas is Shrugging 


  1. Enjoy your new camera! Oh and take lots of pics of yourself - so you can see incremental changes in your body as you lose weight. This has really helped me with my body image. I got brave last fall and did a "Love Your Body" photo shoot - it was difficult, but sooooo therapeutic! Here's the link: http://laydownmyidols.blogspot.com/2010/11/love-your-body-photos.html
    Easter traditions? We don't do anything w/ my family but we always get together w/ hubby's family - we hosted it yesterday. It was fun - we rented a gym and had a BBQ and lots of games together (cold weather - it was nice to have space to do indoor games). We have church on Good Friday and, of course, Easter Sunday.

  2. I like some of ayn rands work but I have a slight issue with her take on religion. She is an atheist. IF you read the fountain head you will get a pretty good over view of her take on the human situation. She makes a God of men. I like her take on overweaning government...but if man were capable of that much nobility, we would be in a utopia by now. Love that you tackle hard issues in your blog.
    Happy Easter ><>
    He is risen indeed.