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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are We Good Readers?

***Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it's addressed to someone else.  ~Ivern Ball

Who me? You can't be serious? Moi'? 


The phrase the writing on the wall has come to signify a portent of doom—or the end of an organization or activity. To attribute to someone the ability to "read the writing on the wall" has come to signify the ability to foresee (not necessarily supernaturally) an inevitable decline and end. (From Wikipedia).

OK - this would be a good journal activity.

What's on your wall? What is in decline and about to end? It could be something positive like an end to binging. Would the wall say that binging episodes are less frequent and end more quickly? It could also be something we need to put the brakes on - like not planning, skipping the exercise, forgetting about the water. My blood pressure is too high - I am taking medication for it. I weigh too much. What would the writing on my wall possibly contain?  I get regular exercise and drink water - does that cancel out the high blood pressure and the obesity? I wish. Maybe in time but I can tell you I can out-eat any amount of exercise. Do you smoke? Do you drink too much? 

I was standing in the hall between classes with one of our English teachers. We were talking about unhealthy habits like smoking. He said he thought these people had the mentality that "it won't be today".  The cancer symptoms won't show up today, the heart attack won't be today, the stroke won't be today. This helps these people feel better about continuing something they know should stop - the writing is on the wall. Our weight can contribute to so many health issues - do we, too, think "it won't be today"?  This English teacher was a very wise man. He told me his testimony. He had a prosthetic leg from above the right knee. He was in the Korean War and said when he looked down after being hit, that leg was going in the opposite direction of what it should have. He was in the hospital near death and his Church was having a prayer vigil - someone was praying for him 24 hours a day. He told me he remembered the white light and Jesus was there to take him over. He asked if he could stay and raise his kids (he had 7). He lived.

Why not get a whiteboard (or piece of paper) and draw a line down the middle. On the left side write the things that are doomed and ending that should be doomed and ending - On the right side write the things that you should be taking steps to see that they end ASAP. You have the power to make this wall say anything you want it to say. You also have the strength to make it happen. Me too.

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  1. Once when Red Foxx, the comedian, was in the hospital, he said: "Healthy people are going to feel stupid, lying on their death beds, dying of nothing." I always thought that was funny.

  2. George Burns once said "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself".

  3. Great post! And it's very true. I've actually been pondering more changes for myself - not ready to commit to them & share them yet, but I think I'm close. D

  4. You are making me think too darn hard! Procrastination is a big one for me, along with a bunch of other things, but perhaps I should take just one or two things to doom and end at a time. It's hard because the exercising and eating habits take up so much of my thinking time right now!

  5. Maria - I think that is a good idea - just focus on one or two things at a time to put to death. That's a good way to chip away at the things that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Now you have made me think!!