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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not?

http://moredoors.blogspot.com/  I liked her page heading:  "Be yourself; everyone else is taken".

Have you ever heard this before? Waste not, want not. Remember those starving kids somewhere. Moms read the papers so they know where kids are starving that day.  We had to clean up our plates before we could get dessert. We had to come eat when it was on the table - the food was more important than what we were doing. If we didn't eat lunch, it would be a long time until supper (mom glare here). The airplane trick to get those last few bites (or any of them) in the kid. The baby is turning it's head, spitting out the nipple, giving all kinds of cues that he/she is full but what does Mom do? Keep on pushing the bottle back in and forcing a few more pulls on the nipple until that last half ounce is down. Is it any wonder we don't listen to our bodies for hunger and fullness when we get older? Is it any wonder there is an obesity  epidemic in our children? I have a friend whom I remember putting Coca-Cola in her baby's bottle. Fruit juice in the bottle will take away the child's appetite for real food. Water probably wouldn't be a bad idea!!!

Do we reward our kids with a trip to the dairy queen? Do we quiet our kids down with a cookie or a cracker? Do we punish our kids by sending them to bed with no supper? Do we make deals with our kids that if they are good, there will be a treat as a reward? Are they conditioned to the bell on the ice cream truck? (OK - that example might be a little old - are there ice cream trucks anymore? Remember those seated bicycles with a freezer of ice cream on the front?) I digress. We attach so many emotions to food without realizing it.

Is it any wonder we can't distinguish hunger and fullness? If you are doing any of these things  - STOP. You are destroying the connection between hunger and eating by making eating an emotional event. We know the problems that can cause.

Do any of you remember your parents doing any of these things? As a child, did food/eating have an emotion attached to it? Feeding us was how Grandma loved us and was she ever a good cook. I can get up from a meal and go to my Mom's house and start looking for something to eat. If we are sick, people try to feed us. If we are depressed; If we lost our job; If a relationship failed - on and on. We have found the enemy and it is us.


  1. Oh, SO good to meet you! (I don't THINK I've visited you before...) I really like your reminder about "destroying the connection between hunger and eating by making eating an emotional event" This is so important.

    I see in your profile that your yard has been in a garden walk twice! Garden walks are one of the things my husband and I love to "do" together! We hope to get to Buffalo NY for some of the walks that are on-going this summer as part of our 40th anniversary celebration!

  2. Reminds me of this 80s PSA:


    Food is definitely my comfort, and it was a habit that got started during my childhood. It's one of the hard parts of losing weight - getting rid of the emotional attachment to food. These foods are not my friends, my friends are my friends - if I need to be comforted, I need to seek them, not a cupcake!