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Monday, March 7, 2011

Victims or Volunteers?


I guess this is the picture of living to eat not eating to live. This guy wasn't even 30 years old yet. Waitresses dressed like nurses? Owner in a lab coat? Is there an attitude problem here? We make light of things that are so serious.

Glorifying obesity? I have yet to find ANYTHING to glorify about obesity.

And the kicker - the restaurant is under criticism. There was even a sign outside that read that this place was hazardous to health. Are we victims or volunteers?

Our government would have us be victims. We would have us be victims. It's a ready-made excuse. Think of all the excuses we have made in the past for things we volunteered for. It was a birthday; I was stressed; PMS (poor me syndrome); I am tired, bored, it's Tuesday, the wind's out of the east. Let's face it - we were volunteering and needed to justify what we were about to do because otherwise we would have to take responsibility. Being a victim is so much easier.

I hope you are reading my older posts. You can probably tell I was a teacher. Many blogs are of a diary format or sharing life and struggles. I am more of a teacher/frustrated preacher format. I am learning from other bloggers as I hope you are getting help from me.


  1. Great post..except for PMS (lol). That is a real excuse :)

  2. Thanx!! I enjoy reading your comments here and elsewhere. - Myra