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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time when many people deep clean their homes, unload unwanted junk, pull out the lawn furniture and spruce up the landscaping. It's also a great time to do a spring-cleaning of your spirit, especially pulling the weeds of unforgiveness.

It is amazing the kind of garbage we humans choose to willingly drag around with us in the form of grudges, painful memories, and other types of mental and spiritual debris from the past that we refuse to release. We won't forgive the ex-spouse who treated us shabbily.

We refuse to let go of the slights and unfairness of a situation at work, church or some other group we're a part of. We continue to beat ourselves up for past mistakes.

The costs of our unwillingness to let go are huge. On a metaphysical level what we focus on tends to expand. So if you have something from the past that you've refused to let go of, you've probably recreated a similar experience for yourself if you've focused on it intently. When you continue to "lick the wound" you bring more misery upon yourself.

On a more rational level, why let someone from your past (whoever it is) continue to hurt you and potentially rob you of an extraordinary present and future? Remember, that which you hold onto (your hurt, resentment, grudge, unforgiveness, pain) is actually holding onto you...keeping you stuck. From a health standpoint, there have been studies—enough to fill volumes—on the health risks of unforgiveness: ulcers, heart problems, eating disorders and more...virtually any physical ailment has the potential of being rooted in an unforgiving spirit.
Let's do a thorough inventory of our spirits. Much like we go through our closets at the beginning of a new season, weed out that which no longer fits.
Ask yourself the following questions:
How am I benefiting by holding onto the past?
(Remember there's always a "pay–off" to your behavior.)
How would I benefit by letting go of the experience and practicing forgiveness?
Who is really paying for my unwillingness to forgive?
What is the lesson for me here?
Many people have yet to make peace with their past. They're still dragging around old business, allowing the past to drain them of present energy and future possibilities. It's a bit like trying to drive forward while constantly keeping your foot on the brake and your eyes on the rear-view mirror.

If you're ready to do a thorough spring-cleaning, start with your spirit. Let go of the past, forgive people (including yourself!) so you can learn your lessons and finally move on. Prepare to watch new growth unfold in your life. Why not take nature's cue and start anew.

I know many of us have people in our past we need to forgive. If it's family, try to think that what they did was the best they could do at the time. Sometimes parents have so many of their own issues that they cannot parent or parent very poorly. The forgiveness is so that you can move on - not to absolve them of what they did. It could be an ex-spouse or soon to be ex-spouse. I have heard "forgive and forget". I don't know about the forgetting part - that's tough - but we can be more neutral in how it affects us emotionally. People who hurt others are usually more miserable inside than we can imagine or they wouldn't have done what they did.

Has this caused any emotions to surface that you and I need to deal with? Can we forgive?

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